A Top 10 collection from the old RP:

  1. These two – on the challenges of and need for working in interracial and cross-cultural activist coalitions – are my favorite, and summarize my research interests very well.
  2. I relive – in painful detail – breaking my back on spring break in Jamaica when I was 24.
  3. This fun one on the Top 10 questions you’re better off not asking me elicited the most comments, as readers weighed in with their own “favorites.”
  4. This one is not particularly compelling, but you’d be amazed how many people Google “Vince Lombardi Service Area.”  I was.
  5. Speaking of highways, this is a particularly distressed and passionate post about inequality and government neglect in NOLA and the U.S. generally, inspired by driving by a tent city living under the highway next to H.U.D. in DC.
  6. For all you PhDs out there staring down your qualifying exams, I blogged mine.  You are not alone!!
  7. Another list (I LOVE lists): Function Hall Anthems I Hate.  Add your own!
  8. Though, I confess, I did love me some Lionel at Jazz Fest in ’06, as did Nagin.
  9. Veterans’ rights and issues is something I care deeply about, though I don’t write about it frequently.  This one about the conditions exposed at Walter Reed still upsets me.  (Does POW John McCain care? Not so much.)
  10. One of my most enjoyable blogging experiences was declaring April 2007 Redstar Perspective History Month.  Good times, good times.

To my longtime readers, did I miss anything?


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