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Out With the Old…

…people, that is.

In People’s 2009 “Yearbook” – first “celeb” story – Barack Obama/The Obama family.  Second “celeb” story – Sarah Palin.

Senator Hillary Clinton?  18 million cracks?  What?  Who? Wasn’t she on some reality show about working women?

As for Gramps McCain, who wants to read about the elderly???? Gross.  Unless it’s Helen Mirren’s surprisingly perky cleavage, of course.


More Election Pessimism

From The AP, as reported today in the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

One in seven [people], or 14 percent, can’t decide [on Obama or McCain], or back a candidate but might switch, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll of likely voters released Friday.

Who are they? They look a lot like the voters who’ve already locked onto a candidate, though they’re more likely to be white and less likely to be liberal. Many question whether McCain or Democratic rival Barack Obama can straighten out the economy, and they disproportionately backed Hillary Rodham Clinton’s failed run for the Democratic nomination.

Fueling their uncertainty is a combination of disliking something about both candidates and frustration with this campaign and politics in general.

“We have a lot of candidates who have never really hurt, have never had to struggle” economically, said Jeff Wofford, 28, a pastor and Republican from High Ridge, Mo., who may back McCain. “A lot of candidates are interested in working the political system but aren’t really interested in changing things.”

These people trust Obama less than decided voters do to handle the economy, the Iraq war and terrorism. They are less accepting that the Illinois senator has enough experience to be president. And by a 17 percentage-point spread, more see Palin favorably than unfavorably; a narrow majority of voters already backing a candidate dislike her.

A quarter don’t trust either Obama or McCain to deal with the economy and a third are uncomfortable with both on the federal deficit.

I wonder how many of them will be voting for McKinney, Nader or Barr, or no one.


Low Productivity Links

It’s 11 am and I’m still getting my day started over here… I’m throwing up a couple of links that have derailed me from paying my bills, returning phone calls, grading papers and returning to my disst. proposal.  The good news?  I’m sitting in my home office for the first time in over a week (ok, I was on the road for half of that interlude).

First, this is why I will always LOVE and CHERISH paper…though not as much, I’m learning, as my partner and now roommate.  Seriously, his book collection and general personal archives put my Virgo record-keeping to shame.  (Though of course, I have file cabinets and he has bins.)  A fellow Virgo and I were in an upscale stationery store over the weekend and just cooing over everything in there.

The “Catholic vote” becomes the “Jewish vote,” i.e., safely Democratic with just a thin smattering of GOP culture warriors thrown in for fun.  Either way, I’m still among my people, which makes me happy.

NYC Weboy tells me to diversify my Google reader, so I’ve added some conservative links.  But I can barely bring myself to read them.  And now I see why.  Not exactly the wisdom of the moderate right masses, i.e., the rest of the nation outside my lefty bubble.

Finally, The Black Snob brings it re: the GOP fratricide (with a little ritual witch burning thrown in for good measure).  She’s the second female political blogger I’ve seen commend Palin for her “roguish” ways – that is, keeping her eye on the 2012 prize when McCain just wants her to “Turn to the left!”  “Now turn to the right!” and keep her damn mouth shut already.  G-d forbid she reach the Oval Office Promised Land next Tuesday, 4 years from now or ever, but I concur, I like her alleged revolt.  Who can blame her??

Happy Hump Day!  Remember, in grad school, every day is Wednesday!


Palin’s and McCain’s* America…

…Doesn’t look like the one we live in.

*I ordered their names this way – and included McCain’s – because they are her campaign stops, but this is ultimately his campaign and his directives.


Our Basest Instincts

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this pop up around the blogs.  I watched the debate last night with about 8 other people, so there were some moments when people in the room were roaring or shouting or generally reacting to the nominees and perhaps I heard things inaccurately?  But how was Palin’s “I’m so glad to hear we both love Israel” response to Biden not an enormous Obama-is-a-Muslim dogwhistle??????  Did I miss something here???

I abhore Gov. Palin’s politics.  I think she appeals to our basest, nationalistic instincts.  I can’t tell if she genuinely believes in the statements she makes (given the context that she’s been “coached” and prepped to extremes for these public events), or if she’s merely willing to be the bully and say the xenophobic, nationalistic tripe that comes out of her mouth?  I paraphrase:

American workers are the best in the world?

Other countries pollute the earth and we have to clean up after them?

I’m so glad we all love Israel and aren’t secret, evil A-rab terrorists?

We can’t wave the white flag of surrender??

I’m floored that the most the pundits can cough up about her rhetoric is “relentlessly colloquial” (Mark Shields on PBS last night) and similar “analysis.”  Late last night I surfed around my usual political blogs (Shakesville, NYC Weboy, Field Negro, Jack & Jill Politics, The Black Snob, MyDD, The Left Coaster, Talk Left, Anglachel, Corrente, to name a few), and no one brought this up.

I shudder to think McCain-Palin could win this election.
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I Wonder…

…If one of the outcomes of Palin’s interviews with Couric is that she’s actually thinking through the consequences of her beliefs. Is it feasible that as Mayor of a small town where she grew up, and as Governor of a sparsely populated state where she hired friends, included her husband in meetings, and spent a majority of nights at home away from the capital, that she’s been governing in such an insular world that she’s never thought through the implications of being pro-life with virtually no exception, etc.? Yes, there’s the billing victims for rape kits issue, but this could be just one of many things she signed off on as part of a larger package of routine legislation and special pet projects. I hope I’m not stripping her of too much agency. It just strikes me that in the context that I understand about her governing jurisdictions, that she’s clearly been operating in a pretty intense bubble.

Now, under Couric’s questioning, she’s framed abortion in “choice” terms, and re-affirmed the fundamental right to privacy that undergirds Roe v. Wade.

Is it too much to hope that she’s a) hearing herself speak/reading the transcripts, and b) reflecting on what she’s actually saying about these social issues?


Record Army Suicide Rates

From CNN:

The rate of suicides among-active duty soldiers is on pace to surpass both last year’s numbers and the rate of suicide in the general U.S. population for the first time since the Vietnam war, according to U.S. Army officials.

Officials attribute the rise in suicides to anxiety and stress from increased operations and more deployments.


The rise can be attributed to the increased pace of combat operations, the number of deployments and financial and family troubles connected with deployments, Army officials said.

Meanwhile, Bush tries to privatize the GI Bill before leaving office.

Related: McCain’s record on NOT funding care for vets.

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