As mentioned, this blog revives the original Redstar Perspective, my personal blog that ran from April 2006 – March 2008.  One reason I moved to this new URL is that I’m currently locked out of my old one due to technical difficulties I don’t understand.

But hopefully this new blog is also fresh and different; some categories have been dropped and the blogroll has been substantially revised.

That said, there’s some key archives at the old site that I’d hate for new readers to miss – here’s a quick guide:

  • Planning, development, affordable housing, race/ethnicity, and poverty: These multiple categories highlight the major thread in my writing – the challenges of equitable urban development and housing policy that effectively address (and redress) racial/ethnic and economic inequity.  Given my parents grew up in Boston public housing, and some of my relatives continue to live there today, this topic is often deeply personal for me, which shows through in many of my posts.  This is likely to be the major theme of the “new” RP, as I continue to move away from the specificities of working in New Orleans.
  • Gender and Women’s Lives: I tended to write about gender much more personally and anecdotally than other topics at the old RP, a trend I don’t see changing.  I have conducted a lot of research on gender inequality in organizations and occupations, which I often referenced.  Nonetheless, my favorite insight was that which came from the challenges of living my own independent life.  And not a few posts were inspired by Grey’s Anatomy!
  • Finally, did I mention I love cities?  And travel.  I LOVE to travel.

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