Welcome to the resurrected Redstar Perspective!  The original RP launched in April 2006, and ran for almost two years before I decided I needed to stop blogging or else I’d never write my dissertation.  That was 7 months ago.  I still have barely cracked the surface of the diss.  Turns out quitting blogging isn’t as easy as it sounds; basically, I freed myself up for more pointed election blogging elsewhere and an all-consuming obsession with Election ’08.   I kind of suspected this would happen.  At the New Year I told my boyfriend, 2008’s going to be a wash.  And here we are.

Now, as I curse my way through my dissertation proposal, I take up blogging with renewed zeal as a place to work out my thoughts before I present them in a proposal or draft.  I hope you’ll hang with me and provoke me here as I grapple with issues of race, class and conflict in community development, activism, and urban politics.  I study and work in community development, with a specialty in post-disaster politics and conflict.  I am in year 3 of post-Katrina consulting to foundations and philanthropies; I lived in New Orleans half-time through 2006, and have commuted there from Academic Ground Zero since then.

What else can I tell you…

The nickname “Redstar” came about when I was trying to come up with an original and anonymous hotmail account back at the turn of the century.

I am a PhD student in urban studies and planning; I am a city dweller and city lover.  I am Irish-Catholic by birth, and still Irish in practice.  The Catholicism…not so much, though the guilt and superstition lives on.  I’m an only child, but from an enormous extended family.  We’re loud and overwhelming.

I am a feminist and an anti-poverty, social equity activist.  I’m irreverent, sharp and jaded.  I have a Benny Andrews piece on loan and a framed picture of Diana Ross on my wall, and several worn copies of the original Sweet Valley High series on my bookshelf, which sit diagonally above my collection of astrology books.  My scholarly books (a few favorites: Poverty Knowledge, Black on the Block, and The Origins of the Urban Crisis) warrant their own bookcase.  I’m tiring of Grey’s Anatomy and unabashedly love Army Wives (though it’s terrible); 30 Rock and Criminal Minds are my faves.  I only recently discovered the joys of Facebook.  I golf, take N.I.A. classes, and am allergic to just about everything. I’m a Virgo and an insomniac.

A couple things about the content of this blog:

The header image was taken by Steve Moga at the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2006.

Unless otherwise noted, anything posted here between March 31st and October 25, 2008 has been re-posted, likely with edits, from The Hillary 1000, a Clinton campaign fundraising and election coverage site I launched and blogged at with several other Clinton supporters.  All RP blog content prior to March 30 can be found HERE.

I have no particular comment policy.  If I find you offensive, I delete your comment.  That’s pretty much it.

All opinions and views expressed here are mine alone.  I will sometimes reference my work in an abstract way as long as I am not violating anyone’s or any organization’s confidentiality or security. However, I do NOT speak for the views of my university, clients or colleagues.  I am solely responsible for the content of this blog.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you’ll stick around.

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