Election Day in Links

Congratulations President-Elect Obama and VP-Elect Biden!  And Senator-Elect Shaheen in NH!  (Yay no more Sununu commercials!!!)

I’m struggling with a post that articulates how I feel about Obama’s win.  So for now, I’ll let others speak for me.

First, YES.:

There was, rather, a tremendous sense of empowerment in the notion that someone more like [us] was going to take up residence down the street: someone younger, someone blacker, someone poorer, someone who knew that the majesty of America exists not just in the tranquility of its small towns but also in the bustle of its cities.

Obama HEARTS cities and so do I.  Wheeee urban policy!!!

I’m hoping to piggy back off this one in a later post: Nezua talks about Obama’s representing of people of color.

The Center for American Women & Politics is tracking women’s historic gains in Congress.  Wheeee!!!!!  Kevin Drum thanks Hillary Clinton for her support of Obama and the Democratic Party.  Suzie gets at why this win is qualified for some of us, sadly, even as it is also magnificent. The Onion, of course, says it even better. (Read til the end.)

Cara chides herself for phone banking for Obama when she should have been advocating for No on Prop 8.  Yup.  I patted myself on the back for sending them $10 from MA.  BFD, apparently.  Heartbreaking.  Todd Beeton thinks we “let our guard down,” and that Obama’s coattails weren’t long enough.  Ian Welsh, g*d love ’em, is more polemical about Obama’s qualified support for gay marriage.  Yup.  Well, thank G*d for lawyers, I guess.

Heh.  Don’t I know it!


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