It’s Xmas and the Super Bowl all rolled into one today!!!!!

I will be heading to the polls in about an hour.  Reports are that lines are already long, which is rare in my neighborhood – a student enclave with a tradition of low voter turnout.  Apparently there are many, many first time voters.  Nice!

I regret not signing up to work at the polls.  I would have enjoyed that, and I have the time.

What an exciting day!  I hope my Hillary t-shirt is clean – I’d like to sport it today, in support of the Democratic Party – with its warts and all.   Instead, I might end up with a Red Sox t-shirt on (seriously); need to show my pride somehow!!

I’ve been registered to vote in NY and MA, and my polling places have always been schools.  I’ve been amazed to read some about some of the different polling places that exist around the U.S., and my partner just showed me a Flickr photo of people voting at a Church of God in OK.  Where do you vote???

I’m thinking of Obama and the loss of his grandmother.  My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.  I lost my Nannie less than two years ago, and miss her a lot.

I’m optimistic and nervous today, and really excited.  How do you feel???


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