Dare to Dream!

I’m proudly wearing my Hillary’s Texas Raucus Caucus t-shirt, with an Obama sticker on the back.


Two students in class today sported Obama tees, one who is from Nepal and is not eligible to vote in the U.S. Remember, the world is watching!

I ran Election Day photos from Boston.com on the film screen in class while the professor lectured about survey design.  I can empathize with the notion of Clinton fatigue (though I don’t have it, obviously) – there were 2 photos of Obama, 2 of Biden, and 5 of the Clintons (2 of HRC, 2 of Bill, and 1 of them jointly).  The press will never be able to quit them, for better and worse.  🙂

I’m headed home for a little election party, feeling pumped and elated and hopeful and optimistic and fired up.  At a minimum, 8 years of Bush are almost behind us.   Let’s hope tomorrow we’re celebrating a return to the “glory” days of the late 90s versus girding our loins for the End Times.


Though I’m trying to avoid “jinxing” it, I would like to float the following inauguration song should Obama pull this off:

Sister Sledge’s He’s the Greatest Dancer.

Feel it.  I think it works, don’t you??

UPDATE: And clearly, Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now, by McFadden and Whitehead, is on the inaugural playlist!


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