Immigrants Pay More to the Government Than They Get Back

According to a new report from the University of Nebraska:

…immigrants, both legal and undocumented, don’t just have an impact on the state — they have a multibillion dollar impact on the state’s economy, and it’s in the form of giving rather than receiving.

What they found was that if immigrants disappeared and weren’t replaced in three of Nebraska’s key industries, the state would lose 78,000 jobs, including those filled by U.S.-born workers. (my emphases-Red) Also, the state’s immigrant population contributed about $154 million in the form of property, income, sales and gasoline tax revenue in 2006. It boils down to a $1,554 in per capita contributions. The native-born residents, by contrast, have a per capita contribution of $1, 944. A difference of $390.

In fact, the researchers discovered that the immigrant group pays in about 7 percent more than what it uses in terms of government support.

My uncle is a disabled, low-income Vet who works for an employer that has replaced most of his white, native born workforce with undocumented Brazilians.  My uncle’s animosity extends not just to his employer but to his Brazilian colleagues as well. Seems there’s little chance of worker solidarity in our current climate of fear and recrimination, exploitation and abuse, low-wage competition, an absolute lack of upward mobility prospects for (not just) low-income Americans, and inhumane, blunt and totally ineffective federal immigration policies.

The report calls for the Bush Administration to re-think its ICE-Raids=Immigration Policy approach given the contributions of immigrants to local economies.  Sens. Obama & McCain – please add this to your in-box of required reading.


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