Memeday Night Blogging

Red Queen tagged me; and what’s a blog without memes?  Without further ado:

Six Things About Me (I’m surprised I’ve never done this one before)

  1. I failed my first driving test.  I was speeding.  42 in a 30 mph zone.  Hell if I knew.  I was such a nervous, bad driver when I was learning that I so worried about passing and keeping up with the traffic around me, I never noticed that keeping up with traffic was not the thing to do on one’s driving test.  The state trooper who took me on my test (that’s how we roll in MA) asked me in a real obnoxious tone, “Can you tell me the speed limit at any point during the test?”  To which I timidly answered, “well, on that last road is was 30 mph.”  He replied, “Then why were you doing 42?”  No idea, man, no idea.  FAIL.  In the 16 years I’ve had my license, I’ve gotten 3 speeding tickets – two in the first year I had my license, one three years ago.
  2. I am a half inch shorter after a spine fusion surgery 8 years ago.  This bums me out, because that 1/2 inch put me within modest exaggeration distance from 5 ft 8.  Now I really am just 5 ft 7.
  3. I have been to Disney World 7 times: when I was 4 with my mom and cousin, when I was 9 with my mom, aunt & uncle and other cousins, when I was 14 with my dad and stepmom, twice when I was somewhere b/w 15 & 18 with my mom and stepdad, when I was 23 and alone in Orlando on business, and when I was 24 and interning with PricewaterHouse Coopers in business school.  I’m surprised as I recap this that most of these trips happened in late adolescence and early adulthood.  Odd.  And I’m not even a huge Disney fan, though I love Sleeping Beauty and Toy Story.
  4. My car really needs an oil change.  Badly.
  5. I estimate I spend about three to four hours per day in the political blogosphere.
  6. I sleep with a minimum of 3 pillows, often with a sleep mask, and occasionally with ear plugs.  That’s two pillows for the head and one for between the knees.  I am such a terrible sleeper that sometimes I feel like I’m barricading myself into the bed to block out life’s noise, light, etc.  It’s a bit exhausting, if you can imagine, pun intended.

8 Places to Live in the U.S. – that I’d be willing to live in, I think is the gist:

  1. NEW YORK CITY (Want.)
  2. Boston, MA (I suppose, I’m here now, I’m from here…ya know…)
  3. Louisville, KY – this is a place I visited this spring, and it’s my default random-US-city-I’d-move-to-for-my-partner’s-academic-job when I think about us relocating for that reason.
  4. DC – this is where the work really is, for me.  I was there last week and am as ambivalent towards it as ever.  Living in Boston, I don’t have much desire to relocate to another small, Northeastern (Boston-DC corridor) city (Philly is someone else’s Boston, for instance).  But DC’s got my professional #, that’s for sure.  Baltimore could be nice; the Open Society Institute has a program there.
  5. Los Angeles, CA.  I LOVE CA – I’d love to live there if it weren’t so damn far from my roots.  Plus, the car dependency leaves A LOT to be desired.  But the weather, the fresh food, the skim milk available EVERYWHERE, bring it on.  I know most white libs/progressives prefer the Bay Area, but I haven’t been to Oakland or Berkeley and I hate San Francisco.  It reminds me of Cambridge.  Liberal to the point of intolerance + high income inequality = spare me.
  6. Seattle, WA – I liked it when I visited it years ago.  So green and the seafood was so fresh.  The distance-to-the-East-Coast is again a problem.
  7. And I think I’ll throw in Chicago for good measure.  Why leave out the 3rd largest city in the U.S., not to mention the birthplace and foundation of U.S. sociology, when I’ve got NY and LA on this list?  A lot of my Irish-Catholic family and friends describe Chicago as a bigger Boston.  I think I could handle that given it’s greater size, diversity and density.  This stuff really matters to me.

Not exactly a surprising or particularly varied list.

Ok, if Red Queen hasn’t beat me to them, I’m tagging Pizza Diavola and Donna Darko.  And NYC Weboy of course – and that includes JinBaltimore!!  And Astraea and The Black Snob (though I don’t think she does the memes).


3 Responses to “Memeday Night Blogging”

  1. 1 pizzadiavola
    October 30, 2008 at 1:28 pm

    You don’t like SF?! D: D: D: we cannot speak anymore! -dramatic flounce-

    The high income inequality is a serious problem, though. Gentrification is pushing out the poor and many POC, and the income gap is glaringly obvious. Go to the Mission, and Valencia is full of sparkling clean, new apartment buildings and boutiques with $100 cardigans. Two blocks over, the streets are dirty and the buildings look like a minor quake would shake them to pieces. Bayview/Hunter’s Point is the latest target of “redevelopment” and I wonder if the developers and the city will follow through on their promise to include low income housing in the new developments.

  2. 2 grahamad
    October 30, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    PD! I have been there twice and I will say that one thing I love is the environmental beauty of the city. I wasn’t quite prepared for the wind/damp aspect, but it was gorgeous and made me want to be very outdoorsy. That I appreciate.

    But yes, the inequality + high lefty homogeneity is a little too much for me. As a NJ friend of mine put it, he felt like the city lacked “grit.”

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