Election Protection Information

Early voting has begun in many states.  The Obama Campaign has created a on-line site where you can report if you’ve had any trouble voting.  (Via.)  You can also contact 866-our-vote, a “nonpartisan Election Protection coalition…formed to ensure that all voters have an equal opportunity to participate in the political process.”

If you’re interested in understanding the insidious, systematic nature of voter suppression, Jeralyn has some great links to investigative reports on 2004 chicanery.  They’re worth a look.

I remember volunteering for Clinton in San Antonio in March and meeting some kick-ass women attorneys who had come from all over the country to voluntarily monitor the TX caucuses.  In my current consulting work I am again coming across activist lawyer organizations that engage in some tremendous work.  It’s not often that I’m like, Thank Goodness for Lawyers! (though I’m not an attorney-basher by any stretch either), but I do find during elections that I’m always so impressed and thankful for our legal sistren.  Of course, I am hellbent on pushing the “liberal feminist agenda,” so McCain-Palin should be very afraid of me and my cronies allies.

(I do still chuckle at Aaron Eckhart’s tobacco lobbyist character in the hilarious Thank You for Smoking, when his son asks him what he loves most about the U.S. – for the son’s school report – and he answers “our endless appeals process.”  Classic.)


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