I Wonder…

…If one of the outcomes of Palin’s interviews with Couric is that she’s actually thinking through the consequences of her beliefs. Is it feasible that as Mayor of a small town where she grew up, and as Governor of a sparsely populated state where she hired friends, included her husband in meetings, and spent a majority of nights at home away from the capital, that she’s been governing in such an insular world that she’s never thought through the implications of being pro-life with virtually no exception, etc.? Yes, there’s the billing victims for rape kits issue, but this could be just one of many things she signed off on as part of a larger package of routine legislation and special pet projects. I hope I’m not stripping her of too much agency. It just strikes me that in the context that I understand about her governing jurisdictions, that she’s clearly been operating in a pretty intense bubble.

Now, under Couric’s questioning, she’s framed abortion in “choice” terms, and re-affirmed the fundamental right to privacy that undergirds Roe v. Wade.

Is it too much to hope that she’s a) hearing herself speak/reading the transcripts, and b) reflecting on what she’s actually saying about these social issues?


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