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Lower 9th Ward Photo Essay

I’m not blogging here again, I just figured if I was still in folks’ rss feeds, they might want to check this out.

I’d been wanting to write about LA’s Gov. Bobby Jindal, who’s been popping up around the intertubes lately as a possible VP candidate for McCain, a former biology major who’s performed exorcisms, and the leader of the state that just passed by a landslide the teaching of intelligent design in local schools. But honestly, you should just read this post at Firedoglake. It’s got all details of the horrendous, humorless, dangerous irony of Jindal’s Reaganesque conservative rise against the backdrop of Katrina.

My contribution? A dear friend’s work-in-progress photo essay of the “recovery” of the Lower 9th Ward, captured from January 2006 through August 2007 (and the second anniversary of the storm). It will be updated next month.

I guess LA school children will be learning how God leveled New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina to punish those homosexuals after all.

From McCain/Jindal ’08, may G-d save us all.

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Beat Down

I’m realizing as this day comes to an end how beat down I’m feeling by the subtleties of discrimination in all its nefarious forms.

This election season has driven home with brutal force what most of us who are non-white-able-bodied-straight-affluent-men experience on a regular basis: the subtle dismissals, devaluations, and discounting of our worth.  Clinton has been martyred for the rest of us, and many still want to debate whether there was sexism in the campaign, and if so, how bad was it really, anyway?  C’mon now.  I’m sure “likable enough” is just arrogance, pure and simple, not couched in a gendered context in a patriarchal society.  And surely Whoopi wasn’t talking about colorism on that coffee-klatsch The View?  Is that what I just heard?  Colorism?  What’s that?  Aren’t they just gabbing, those black and white ladies?  We do live in a color-blind society, right?

Then tonight I read this piece today about gender inequity in academia, written by a female political scientist at UC-Irvine, in which 80 female faculty members talked about the subtle, enduring biases they faced in the academy:
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