Only 1 in 10 Americans find it problematic that women are held to a higher standard than men

From a CBS “Oppression Olympics” poll, insipidly titled “Gender Matters More Than Race” (My emphases, of course):

Voters are slightly more likely to say that a woman candidate faces more obstacles than a black candidate when it comes to presidential politics even as they see racism as a more serious problem for the nation overall, according to a new CBS News poll. Thirty nine percent of registered voters said a woman running for president faces more obstacles while 33 percent said a black candidate does.

When it comes to the 2008 presidential election, voters say Hillary Clinton has been judged more harshly because of her gender than Barack Obama has because of his race. Forty two percent said Clinton has been judged “more harshly� and six percent said she has been judged less harshly because of her gender. Twenty seven percent said they think Obama has been judged “more harshly� because of his race while 11 percent said he has been judged less harshly.

Still, racism is seen as a bigger problem for the nation in general. Among all adults surveyed, 42 percent of respondents said racism is a “serious problemâ€? in the country compared to just 10 percent who said…sexism [is a serious problem]. Twenty three percent said both are serious problems.

…all groups said they are more offended by racist remarks than sexist ones.

More voters admit their unwillingness to vote for a woman. Nearly one in five voters says that all things being equal, they would rather vote for a man.

Moral of the story: It’s hard out here for a lady, but spare us your tears.

Aren’t polls so helpful and informative??


2 Responses to “Only 1 in 10 Americans find it problematic that women are held to a higher standard than men”

  1. 1 Nikki
    March 22, 2008 at 11:04 am

    Personally, I blame the media for dragging up issues of race OR gender in this election. Along those lines, I’m terribly annoyed that more people will not voice that Hillary may have been attacked more because a) she’s Hillary and a Clinton and the country has a history with her, b)unfortunately, her opponent is a mesmerizing orator and c) she was the front-runner for so long that she’s received more attention in general. No matter what the press tries to say, if she does lose the democratic nomination, would it be ok to consider that maybe she lost because people liked the other candidate more and if he loses, maybe it’s not because the country is full of racists?

  2. March 22, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    From an intellectual standpoint, it is highly frustrating the HRC is the first serious female candidate (even though it makes sense), because it’s impossible to “control” for her personal negatives.

    I also think both Dems should have taken the higher ground re: issues of bias because then they’d be in a better position to backing one another up each time the media turns their attention to one v. the other. I know, I’m such an idealist. 🙂

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