Excellent! I’m an ageist.

(This post is a substitute for the Excellent academic meme I am supposed to participate in. I don’t read enough academic blogs.)

I’ve always known I am an ageist. I have a tendency to look up or around me for information, not down. (I also don’t like bending down, though I think that’s due to my height and old back injury.)

Part of this is due to my own desire to grow up fast – I’m always looking ahead, and I rarely miss the “good old days.” Thus, I’m tough on the youngsters, which by now I’d probably think of as anyone about 4-5 years younger than me. What can I say, at least I’m in touch with my biases. 😉

This NY Times article about young, famous DC blogger dudes (ok, I think they mention one or two women by name) triggered this observation. Matt Yglesias (26) and Ezra Klein (23) are two featured bloggers I recently dropped from my Google reader (my blogroll to the right is much more comprehensive than what I read daily). Yglesias I just found too narrow-minded in his Upper West Side worldview after awhile (despite his relative awareness of his own lens), and Ezra I only recently dropped after too much hysterical shrieking over Clinton and a willingness to tolerate his even more unglued commenters (for those who suspect a bias, I also dropped Taylor Marsh, for her pro-Clinton zeal).

Of course, given how much time I spend in the ‘sphere, and how much news I get from it versus from other sources, I often forget that a large chunk of its *authoritative* voices are from folks (dudes, really) under 30. Reading this article now, I felt a mixture of dismissiveness and jealousy. Why am I listening to these young, white boys? And why is everybody else? Consider these excerpts:

Life in the house informs life on the blog…

UnfoggeDCon was so popular that the Flophouse played host to it again last year. It was a typical keg party, with 70-plus people packed into the house for drinking and dancing. “We had a laptop and people were live blogging the party for the people who couldn’t come,� Becks said.

These bloggers are the cool kids who know they’re smart, like some Seth Rogen character with a Ph.D. from Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Oy. (Though I did throw a great party back in my 20-something NY days. In my 30s in Boston, not so much.)

In part because so many people blog anonymously, this leaves me wondering about the life experience (and indirectly, age) of the bloggers I really enjoy and/or respect. So I made a list of my faves; the ones I look forward to reading, even if I don’t always agree with them.

After the jump are my Top 12. I separate them according to if they’re part of my “Clinton blogging” world or not, as with the Clinton-related folks I spend little time discussing anything but the primary, and we all (except for Big Tent Democrat) are Clinton supporters. There’s also a bonus shout-out for a new blogroll addition at the end.

From Pre-“Clinton blogging” days, Top 6:

NYC Weboy: obviously, my friend, but older mixed-race liberal gay gentleman from NY (I am laughing thinking about how he will want to edit this description).

Professor Zero: not-twenty-something female professor in LA who has lived all over the world and speaks multiple languages.

the field negro: not-twenty-something Jamaican-born lawyer in Philly. Also a Virgo.

Melissa McEwan at Shakesville: In her 30s? White, lefty feminist from Indiana, married to a Scotsman, loves Lost, hates GW Bush, and is funny as hell.

ihatewheat at The Dairy Burger: 30ish woman getting a Master’s in Library Science. Lives in San Fran and recaps young adult fiction at her site. Hilarious.

Sylvia at Problem Chylde: 23 year old African-American law student. Smart, fiery and honest.

Via blogging for Clinton:

Riverdaughter: White female Clinton supporter in NJ who is leading the separatist movement from Daily Kos (which I never read). Not 20-something.

Armando Llorens (Big Tent Democrat) at TalkLeft: litigation attorney in Puerto Rico whose professional experience leads me to believe he is definitely not in his 20s.

Donna Darko: a Chinese-American woman, fourth-wave feminist, 40, location and career unknown.

lambert at Corrente: Lives in PA. Older guy; career unknown. Snarky and a Clinton supporter. Passionate about healthcare.

Anglachel: middle-aged female political scientist who writes sharp, detailed posts about the Democratic primary season.  Lives in San Diego.
Pocochina: mid-twenties white-ethnic law student. Brilliant writer. Location?

Finally, I just started reading The Black Snob, the culture, politics and snark blog by a 30 year old African-American woman and freelance writer in St. Louis. And don’t forget to check out her satire site, the Secret Council of American Negroes. (H/t field.)

Also, Akeeyu at herveryown delivered healthy twin girls!!! She miscarried three times prior I think, used IVF, and was on bedrest for 3 months. She has blogged through it all (or recapped, when necc.) – her husband’s post announcing their daughters’ arrival got 326 comments, compared to the usual 10-60 they get.


2 Responses to “Excellent! I’m an ageist.”

  1. March 9, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    The description is fine… but why am I below the fold??? 🙂

  2. 2 Z
    March 10, 2008 at 12:32 am

    Strangely, this makes me realize what I am actually doing in the blog – imitating my 20-something self, and the life I created (MA exam through PhD exam) in an apartment which bears a striking resemblance to this house (Craftsman).

    (Actually, I have now unearthed photograph of that apartment and put it on the refrigerator; people look at it and think it is here.)

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