From the field: Viva Clinton!!

I am really sunburnt.  Even my fingers are sunburnt.  But not my eyes; I look like a raccoon from wearing shades all day in the hot San Antonio sun.  (Special thanks to the Obama supporter who lent me some sunblock, which I re-applied far too late in the day.)

But it was DAMN WORTH IT – Viva Clinton, who won Ohio, RI, and TEXAS tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙂

I am quoting Rep”>Rep. Delia Garcia (D-KS) in the title of this post, the first  Latina and youngest woman ever elected to the KS legislature.  She spoke briefly at Clinton’s victory party tonight in San Antonio – she’d traveled to the state to stump for HRC – to our crowd of majority Latino/a volunteers.  I’ve probably said this before, but I really think being a Red Sox fan (through ’04 anyway) offers special training for the kind of close victory we experienced tonight in TX.  The enormous camraderie with fellow underdogs, the absolute elation in pulling ahead and coming to the brink, and the inability to truly relax until that ball is in Manciewixzcjghz’s glove and Foulke is in his arms.  D’oh!  Wrong image.

I have 2 pictures left on my disposable digital camera with me here in San Antonio, and I can’t wait to finish the roll and get the photos up on-line.  What an amazing 48 hours, and what a tremendous outcome.  At the heavily Latino precinct where I volunteered until 8:00 tonight, folks waited hours to participate in the evening caucuses, in part because the line to vote in the primary was so long.  A Latino dad drove up to the polling station in the late afternoon in his mini-van covered in Clinton signs, with his 2 daughters and wife.  He and his young teen girls sported similar Dallas Cowboys regalia, and the daughters held signs and cheered for Clinton while he shouted in English and Spanish into a bullhorn why passing drivers should support the Senator.  Eventually a cop came and told him to relocate – the bullhorn, unlike signs, requires further distance from the polling station – but it was a trip while it lasted.

When my fellow local volunteers finally arrived at Clinton’s victory party tonight, around 11 pm, they reported that the 3 precincts caucusing at our polling station awarded Clinton 21 delegates to Obama’s 2.  I heard multiple stories from other local caucuses where Obama didn’t even meet the threshold to receive any delegates, and Clinton took them all.  The crowd at the victory party erupted over and over and over tonight – when CNN exit polls showed 62% of TX Latinos supported Clinton, when Clinton first pulled ahead of Obama, when Ohio was called, when Clinton spoke in Ohio, whenever CNN showed that map of Texas and all the areas in the South that supported her (especially San Antonio), on and on and on and on.  So many reasons to celebrate.

Local and out-of-state volunteers alike kept talking about meeting up again in Pennsylvania.  I think it’s a must.  (Here’s hoping some of you all will join us!)  The nun I keep mentioning in these field posts told me she works with Mexican immigrants in Omaha, many of whom are undocumented and at risk for deportation.  She told us a particularly painful anecdote of a young mother getting deported and leaving 3 young American-born children behind, one not even a toddler.  This mom had come illegally to the country at age 2, and was now being sent back to Mexico, where she knew no one.  Sr. Ana really believes in Clinton because she thinks Clinton will deal humanely with the problems and complexities of immigration in this country.  I heard several times from others how much they similarly believe in Clinton.

Me, I trust no politicians, nor do I feel personally connected to any of them, as others over the last 48 hours have described feeling to Sen. Clinton, Pres. Clinton, and JFK, Jr. (of all people).  But damn! I was completely moved by the image of a woman on the big screen in that ballroom tonight, celebrating her win in Ohio and promising to keep fighting her way through this race.  Later in the bathroom a reporter who first apologized for not being impartial quoted her grandmother in saying to never count out a woman who is down, and the rest of us agreed enthusiastically. 

In the last 48 hours I’ve had the new pleasure to campaign in a Latino region, to work with straight women and men; lesbians, gay men and transgendered supporters; white, black, Latino and Asian volunteers; and campaign participants of all ages and abilities.  Honestly, it was f***ing awesome.  AND WE WON.

Cross-posted at The Hillary 1000.


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