Oh No He Didn’t

I’ve written extensively here about my Obama skepticism.  Quotes like this don’t endear me to the man either.

From the February 25th issue of People, in “25 Questions for Barack Obama”:

Q: What was your best effort for Valentine’s Day?

A: Interesting question.  [Pause.] I’m so good to her in so many ways, no one gesture of undying love really stands out.

I really hope he was being facetious. The M.A.S. is a phenomenal partner, but if he ever uttered something like this, I’m pretty sure I’d be waiting with my “Need for Improvement” checklist when he got home that night.  But maybe that’s just me.

There’s some other comments in the piece, such as the first legislation he hopes to sign as President is “health care for all Americans,” that his last splurge was a birthday necklace for his wife that “wasn’t fake,” that she reminds him everyday that he is “not a perfect man” (though he has the “wisdom” to say she has “no flaws”), that he misses “anonymity” the most from his past life (though this Newsweek piece on Michelle Obama suggests otherwise – and also, in my opinion, does her less justice as a kickass independent woman than this NYT piece), and that he’d most like to meet Springsteen because he seems like a “good person.” 

I realize this is a People article, and that all the MSM links I’ve provided here deliberately paint – per the joint wisdoms of the campaigns and the publications – certainy portraits of the candidates, but honestly, someone should explain the concept of “modesty” to Sen. Obama.*


*Thank you for joining me in this latest edition of The RP’s Pot Kettle Black Politics.


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1 Response to “Oh No He Didn’t”

  1. March 4, 2008 at 9:29 am

    Okay. That angers me. I think I pretty much agree with you on all of your Hillary/Obama points. It’s nice to find someone who is as skeptical of him as me.

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