Post-Primary Round-Up

I squeezed about 6 hours of sleep between last night and this morning’s primary coverage. Here are the major themes I’m hearing in my on-line universe:

Despite the white woman/black man Democratic primary slate, white men reassert their primacy.

Just who is Obama’s constituency? And should Dems be worried? If Obama gets the nomination, he’ll get my vote, even though I’m so over him. Other Dems, though, are thinking twice.* Ironically, if unsurprisingly, the question of inauthenticity looms. On this conservatives and Green Party members agree. No one said he wasn’t a coalition-builder!

The turnout of 500,000 voters in Washington state’s doesn’t-count primary is more than twice that of its binding caucus. (The breakdown differed too: 50% for Obama, 47% for Clinton in the former, whereas Obama took 68% in the latter.) Discussion: Caucuses are neither representative, nor fair.

* There are many, many comments around the ‘sphere that reflect this blogger’s thinking. I linked to this post because of the actual activity of leaving the Democratic party. See here for the future split of the party.


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