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I loathe this man.  Read on.



Over at The Hillary 1000, Donna Darko offers an (as promised) depressing summary of the sexism rampant in the election.  One culprit she doesn’t address directly is the MSM, though their shenanigans have been documented extensively by fellow bloggers. 

Well, as I posted over in H1K comments, here at the Cinci airport, I just watched a commercial for CNN where they trumpeted their diversity (as in their range of global news coverage and topics).  To demonstrate their depth and breadth in appealing to all corners of humanity with their hard-hitting journalism, they paraded 5 different MALE faces across the screen.

Of course.  This makes sense, you know, because all women hate politics.  We, after all, spend all our time watching Lifetime and HGTV and WE and Oxygen and HSN. 

Though perhaps the commercial is prescient.  After this election cycle, dudes may be the only folks left watching CNN, MSNBC, and their ilk.


Why I COULD be president

Part 35.  (Because why always tear myself down?  So unbecoming.)

A Slate columnist applied the Myers Briggs personality type tests to the three presidential candidates.  Turns out Clinton and McCain are common presidential personalities; Obama, he’s more of a movement leader.  Sometimes these articles just write themselves.

So, rather than go to bed at a reasonable hour last night, I knew I needed to immediately discover my own personality type.  Using a free on-line version of the test, I discovered I’m a INTJ: Introverted / Intuitive / Thinking / Judging, with Intuitive traits comprising the majority and Introverted and Judging making up the bulk of the remainder.  Sounds about right. 

Apparently, INTJ’s are Masterminds, comprising less than 1% of the population (think Nietsche, Stephen Hawking, Eisenhower, Keynes, and Ayn Rand).  Here’s the excerpts that both ring true to my ear, and are my leadership qualities, despite my amazing capacities for sitting on my couch in my pj’s not engaging with the world for hours on end:

Entailing or contingency planning is not an informative activity, rather it is a directive one in which the planner tells others what to do and in what order to do it. As the organizing capabilities the Masterminds increase so does their inclination to take charge of whatever is going on.

…there is one attitude that sets them apart from other Rationals: they tend to be much more self-confident than the rest, having, for obscure reasons, developed a very strong will.

Being very judicious, decisions come naturally to them; indeed, they can hardly rest until they have things settled, decided, and set [like this primary, for ex!!]. They are the people who are able to formulate coherent and comprehensive contingency plans, hence contingency organizers or “entailers.”

Natural leaders, Masterminds are not at all eager to take command of projects or groups, preferring to stay in the background until others demonstrate their inability to lead. Once in charge, however, Masterminds are the supreme pragmatists, seeing reality as a crucible for refining their strategies for goal-directed action. In a sense, Masterminds approach reality as they would a giant chess board, always seeking strategies that have a high payoff, and always devising contingency plans in case of error or adversity [I do this nightly, as the hours pass and I fail to sleep, I reorganize the coming day to reflect how much energy and time I’ll have].

On the other hand, Masterminds can be quite ruthless in implementing effective ideas, seldom counting personal cost in terms of time and energy. [This is why I surround myself with emotional people!!]

Self-confidence; a willingness to make decisions; an analytical, organizing mind; and an ability and willingness to course-correct (one of my fave corporate buzzphrases) as we go along. Yep; yep; yep; and yep.

What’s your personality type?  Please submit all reports to my desk by 10am Monday morning, when I’ll next be on-line.  Family duties call this weekend.  Why not hang with my fellow bloggers Donna Darko and Pocochina over at The Hillary 1000 while I’m gone? 


Gulf Coast Realities at the next Democratic Presidential Debate (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The LA Justice Institute and The Children’s Defense Fund (Sen. Clinton’s former employer, I might add) have released preliminary data from a survey of families living in the 38,000 FEMA trailers still spread out around the Gulf Coast. They found that approximately 100,000 people live in those trailers, or an average of 3 people per unit. (FEMA trailers are about 400 sq ft, IIRC.)

Other findings include (their emphases):

Most families have been in the trailer for over 2 years, since the fall of 2005 or spring of 2006.

The majority of people living in FEMA trailers are employed. Many are retired.

15% report depression, anxiety, other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues. 10% report that their mental health problems are their biggest obstacle to getting out of the trailer.

55% report that if they are evicted from their FEMA trailer in the next few months they have no family they can turn to for help and they expect to be homeless.

29% reported rashes, itchy eyes, breathing problems and other symptoms usually related to high levels formaldehyde in their FEMA trailer.

“Our presidential candidates must understand the plight of FEMA trailer residents and answer the tough questions those conditions present concerning affordable permanent housing for Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita survivors. This is no way to treat our people!”


Though the Democratic debate in Austin on Thursday has limited space for the public, there is an opportunity for folks in the vicinity to visit the KatrinaRitaVille Express: The National FEMA Trailer Tour. From

This is a rare opportunity to place our region’s unaddressed recovery/justice needs squarely before the candidates, media and US electorate. Our FEMA Trailer and a caravan of survivors/speakers from coastal AL, MS, LA and TX would certainly help raise the region’s national visibility.

Friends at UT Law School’s Justice Center are currently looking into a day-long exhibit and speak-out at some campus location not far from Thursday night’s debate.

With your help, the event will feature the trailer, human testimonials, video, and the distribution of information on housing, environment and other social justice/policy needs for gulf coast communities.

Click here for more debate info.

Meanwhile, legal activists have filed another lawsuit to halt demolition in the on-going public housing struggle in New Orleans, even as buildings at C.J. Peete, B.W. Cooper, and St. Bernard have come down (No word on any demolition at Lafitte). In DC, Sen. Landrieu has again marked up S. 1668, the Gulf Coast Housing Recovery Act, to renew the negotiations with her colleagues and staunch opponents, Sens. Shelby (R-AL) and Vitter (R-LA), on this critical affordable housing bill.

This fight is far from over! ! !!


Project Home Again in New Orleans goes public

$20M Gift Planned for Gentilly.

There’s a press conference next week.


Say what you will about private sector development – I’ve certainly done my fair share – but bringing 100 homes to a neighborhood with only 25% of its population back is a noble effort.


Oh No He Didn’t

I’ve written extensively here about my Obama skepticism.  Quotes like this don’t endear me to the man either.

From the February 25th issue of People, in “25 Questions for Barack Obama”:

Q: What was your best effort for Valentine’s Day?

A: Interesting question.  [Pause.] I’m so good to her in so many ways, no one gesture of undying love really stands out.

I really hope he was being facetious. The M.A.S. is a phenomenal partner, but if he ever uttered something like this, I’m pretty sure I’d be waiting with my “Need for Improvement” checklist when he got home that night.  But maybe that’s just me.

There’s some other comments in the piece, such as the first legislation he hopes to sign as President is “health care for all Americans,” that his last splurge was a birthday necklace for his wife that “wasn’t fake,” that she reminds him everyday that he is “not a perfect man” (though he has the “wisdom” to say she has “no flaws”), that he misses “anonymity” the most from his past life (though this Newsweek piece on Michelle Obama suggests otherwise – and also, in my opinion, does her less justice as a kickass independent woman than this NYT piece), and that he’d most like to meet Springsteen because he seems like a “good person.” 

I realize this is a People article, and that all the MSM links I’ve provided here deliberately paint – per the joint wisdoms of the campaigns and the publications – certainy portraits of the candidates, but honestly, someone should explain the concept of “modesty” to Sen. Obama.*


*Thank you for joining me in this latest edition of The RP’s Pot Kettle Black Politics.


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The MSM sets its sights on another strong woman

This is vile.

In case any Democrats and/or feminists missed the memo, no matter the nominee, we’ve got a serious fight on our hands.