While I continue to mull over my options for life in new-thousand-eight, here are some links to interesting political convos around the web that right now I’m too self-absorbed to join.  But it’s good to know my peeps are out there edu-ma-catin’ in my absence.

Rockstar organizer, KSG professor and Obama campaigner Marshall Ganz explains different kinds of power in presidential leadership.  Commenters tell him to “stop shilling” and debate history amongst themselves.

Now that Hillary’s fightin’ like a “Re-thug-lican” (to quote The Field Negro), some progressives find they hate it.  Including Obama.  Meanwhile, CNN wishes Bill Clinton would just punch a reporter already.

New Orleans is the “vagina of America.”  You know, because it’s got a lot people rushing it (two grad students in my dept. today separately told me they were thinking of moving there), and the city’s control and autonomy over its property is under seige.  Solution?  Bring on the 10th anniversary of The Vagina Monologues!

Oh, how I long to be as hilarious as Ms. McEwan while pointing out the hypocrisy in the criticisms over Bill campaigning for Hillary.  Bonus: She trashes Maureen Dowd too!  (Actually, Dowd trashing is the point, but I’m too unmotivated to write about the hypocrisy, so I’m tucking it in here.)

The accountants speak: We’re all fucked.

And PS: Politicians lie.  A lot.  Is it any wonder the word for politics in Swahili “sihasa” is the blend of two words “si,” meaning “not” and “hasa,” meaning “right” or “true.” 


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