The One Where I Don’t Write About Not Writing

… or, the week The Weboy had:


  • Write a little
  • Drive to Boston on clear, sunny day.Me. Now.
  • Arrive in Boston early evening, enjoy wonderful weather, visit old job
  • Go back to house to pack, confront remains of leaving in haste
  • Contemplate futility of current plans
  • Write a little, go to bed, resolve to pack thoroughly tomorrow


  • Feel overwhelmed; write a little
  • Attempt to pack
  • Realize I haven’t eaten, get food
  • Attempt to pack some more; contemplate futility of moving, meaning of life, decide, sadly, to go on
  • Visit coworkers, as promised, on warm sunny day; find they are very busy and can’t talk.
  • Hang out with really cool Asst Manager and his fiancee and meet their new dog (a very cute small Yorkiepoo)
  • Go home, pack some more; make progress, but not enough.
  • Attempt to load car, only make it as far as basement; feel tired, call Mom and agree that driving late at night and tired not good
  • Prepare to stay the night; get New Hampshire primary results, enjoy Clinton comeback, write a little


  • Load car and drive back to New York
  • It is now cold and rainy and hard to see because wet silt is getting kicked up from salt and dirt used to deal with snow from a few weeks ago
  • Get home, unpack car, clean up
  • Think about writing
  • Go into Manhattan for community group meeting
  • Go to dinner after long meetng
  • Take train home, go to bed


  • Get up, realize I am exhausted
  • Don’t eat for three hours, then decide will die without food, and can’t write without eating
  • Realize I am still exhausted, watch TV
  • Have long conversation with best friend; discover mutual acquaintance has died. Contemplate futility of existence
  • Discover unexpected comment
  • Pick up Mom at train, ask to go get Chinese for dinner, plan to write after
  • Come home decide I am exhausted, go to bed, decide to start fresh tomorrow, will have plenty of time because I don’t work at Starbucks until evening


  • Realize that I have completely messed up schedule on home computer and was supposed to open, not close
  • Rush to work, apologize profusely to supervisor
  • Apologize profusely to Manager when she arrives
  • Work hard, enjoy new store and new customers
  • Leave work (still apologizing), go get lunch, feeling energized
  • Buy apology gift for supervisor
  • Come home, have no internet connection
  • Spend 20 minutes with Verizon trying to establish connection from Mom’s DSL
  • Finally get it working, too frustrated to write; tired of fielding questions about unexpected comment
  • Have short conversation wth friend of Mom, who relays that mutual acquaintance of theirs not dead; contemplate miracle of existence
  • Pick up Mom from train, ask to go to dinner, Mom says “no Chinese”, we go Italian
  • Come home, feel exhausted, go to bed, and wonder when I will write


Cross Posted at the other place where I’m not writing. With thanks and apologies to my friend J in Baltimore, who said “stop writing about not writing…” so I did. Sort of. 🙂


1 Response to “The One Where I Don’t Write About Not Writing”

  1. 1 Amy
    January 15, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    Weboy: Love it! Do you skype??

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