Pre-Vacation Blogging; Special Guests

In flannel pj’s, recovering from a cold, pre-packing for vacation in L.A.  I leave tonight.  By prepacking I mean a) checking the weather for the 8 millionth time, b) making a list of what to pack, c) doing last minute laundry, and d) taking care of the essentials, like blogging and updating my iPod for the trip. 

I finally surrendered to the real reason behind my major fatigue this week – a head cold picked up somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard during my holiday travels.  I’ve had two consecutive nights of between 9 and 10 hours of sleep – sumptuous! – and sat on my couch til 4pm yesterday watching Waitress.  I was initially like, “eh,” but I keep thinking about it.  I doubt I’ll post a review; it was a bit too emphatically quirky for me, but there were definitely some sublime moments.  Probably a good rental.

Then last night, after a quick trip to the Wrentham outlets, where I experienced my first shoe mania in the 50% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE AS WE CLOSE FOR REMODELING Cole Haan (seriously, a jacket and 2 pairs of shoes for $100), and a bowl of chicken soup at home, the M.A.S. and I had our requisite fight before we leave on vacation.  I say “requisite” because Bill Simmons, aka the Sports Guy, says this is one of the rules of relationships, that you’ll fight the night before you leave.  Ours involved mapping out our expectations of our trip to this former home of the M.A.S., after I told him I didn’t want him to lecture me on the history and significance of L.A. the entire time. Some bickering led to the mutual awareness that I am not into marching from monument to monument, and that a good trip for both of us involves wandering around neighborhoods and eating and drinking.  I think we’re going to have a fine old time. 

In my absence, NYC Weboy has once again graciously agreed to hold down the fort over here, cleaning out my spam folder and posting some original and cross-posted content for your reading pleasure.  Please show him the love you show me, and rest assured you’ll be more up to speed on current events in his stead than you normally are with me (New Orleans notwithstanding).  My life, home and blog are fortunate to have someone looking in on us in my absence. 

Be Good!!


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