Little to Add

That’s about right for what I can contribute to the official ’08 horse race that kicks off with the Iowa caucuses tonight.  See The Curvature for the “I have no idea what’s going to happen” perspective, NYC Weboy for the “this system is a skewed and unproductive mess” p.o.v., and RaceWire for the “it’s policy, not politics, that matters” lens.  And Louisiana 1976, g-d luv her/him, reminds us at Daily Kos not to forget about the on-going crisis in NOLA this election season.  But perhaps the most timely report is the “F*CK it’s COLD out here!” one from Ezra Klein in New Hampshire.

With the exceptions of my competitive hate-to-lose streak that fuels my desire to see Clinton clinch the nomination despite admitted ambivalence about some of her positions, and my work in the Gulf, my general orientation towards politics and elections is most akin to RaceWire’s.  (Although sitting in my Boston kitchen in flannel pj’s while WBUR describes the -15 degree wind chill factor outside, I’m hearin’ Ezra right now.)  The M.A.S. reminded me that perhaps tomorrow morning I’ll actually have something to say about Iowa.  Good point, my genius beau.  For now, it’s catching up on bills and Xmas returns and avoiding the looming dissertation proposal that hangs over this post-general exam January break.

May your candidate of choice win tonight – unless he is different from my candidate of choice, of course.  In the interim, enjoy TPM’s Great List of Scandalized Administration Officials.  As Al Green would say, for the good times.

Support S. 1668!!!



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