I’m working off a mac right now, and I don’t know where my icons are for bolding, linking, etc., so bear with me on this rough cut. – UPDATE: LINKS ADDED.  12/16/07.

See the last bunch of posts – and my colleagues in the blogosphere, inc. Brownfemipower, Kai and Cara – re: the literal battle over the future of public housing in NOLA. There’s a stay of execution for the moment, and we should give ourselves a collective moment of thankful pause before resuming the relentless pressure over this issue. But that’s not the point of this post, written during my dept.’s holiday party on this Friday afternoon.

I want to thank the blogosphere for helping me pass my general exams, which I did today, WITH DISTINCTION, a rarely invoked status here in my dept. In addition to my colleagues in the Gulf, who have educated me, often painfully, on framing, power, gender, identity, conflict and struggle, I’m indebted to my virtual peers here. The obvious is NYC Weboy, my unparalleled champion, and Prof. Zero is a close second, for hosting such a supportive environment to share my ideas and the personal struggles that inform my thinking. But it’s the debates of the broader community that I’ve been listening to, and reading, and thinking about, that I feel really helped me here at MIT and this morning in particular, especially when it comes to issues of race, class, ethnicity, gender, power and equity/justice. Shout outs go to Pandagon, where I cut my teeth on the feminist blogosphere, Feministe, who’s writing I respect, Feministing, who seems to have the biggest market for throwing one’s hat in the ring, Shakesville, who’s mainstream progressiveness and f***ing hilarious snark never fails to please, and especially, Sylvia and Brownfemipower, for eloquent, provocative writing that truly leaves me thinking. Kai, Black Amazon (who also just met her own academic hurdles – check out this post!), Rachel’s Tavern, Racismreview, the Field Negro, The Curvature, Racewire, Racialicious, the Silence of our Friends and Outside the Toybox are also in my reader and in my mind. The M.A.S. wants to know why I love the blogosphere, and it’s because it’s my real intellectual community, where I shape and test my ideas.

Of course, my peeps keep me grounded and engaged and sane, and they’ll be getting their shoutouts offline. So thank you fellow bloggers. Today is a f***ing red letter day, filled with wine and good cheer and warm praise and proud, humbled tears and I hope you can all share in it with me!!

PS: If you want to add to this syllabus, pls offer your recommendations in the comments below!!


3 Responses to “THANK YOU”

  1. December 14, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    Okay… but I think I get to give you the coveted “Meets Expectations” check-off on the evaluation form. I said you had it in you all along… and you did. I believe in you because I know you have “distinction” all along. 🙂

    I generally agree with the people you mention; I think the bigger lesson here is for anyone looking around the blogosphere to realize that the exploration is ongoing, and while all of use can make suggestions about what we find that works for us… what works for you may be trial and error. I find lots of interesting things in a lot of interesting blogs. I could spend my life reading… it’s just that I prefer to write. And for my politics, I need good thoughtful multisided perspectives, which is why I read The Corner at National Review, Tapped at The American Prospect, Ezra Klein, the new Cogitamus, RedState, sometimes TPM, sometimes Slate (but not Mickey Kaus), Michaelle Malkin, Glen Greenwald, Glenn Reynolds, Atrios, and the Kos-ites… among others. I mean, there’s a lot of good celebrity gossip on the web too… if that’s your thing. But I think your broader point is correct – the blogs are about dharing ideas, and those ideas, really are what are so powerful and so dangerous… we could change the world. In fact, we already have.

    But hey – Congratulations. I am, of course, ridiculously proud of you. 🙂

  2. 2 Laura
    December 15, 2007 at 8:35 am

    Yay! Congratulations!!

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