Who knew folks from the projects were so g*d damn powerful?!

Through my post-Katrina recovery networks I get the latest Inside the Beltway chapter of the demolition of public housing in New Orleans.  In case you missed my endless press about S. 1668, you might not know that the bill has been basically permanently stalled, due to Vitter’s (and other mostly white fat cats) compassionless conservatism.  The latest end-run strategy of Sen. Landrieu (D-LA), Rep. Waters (D-CA) and other Dem allies had been to work language halting demolition and a plan for equitable redevelopment of public housing into the government’s continuing resolution, an interim funding measure that keeps the government running and was scheduled to expire tomorrow (Fri, 12/14). 

Well wouldn’t you be unsurprised to hear that the GOP Minority leaders at the 11th hour objected to the language. They then went on to threaten to refuse to pass the resolution, i.e., THE GOP WOULD SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT OVER PROVISIONS FOR PHASED AND EQUITABLE RE-DEVELOPMENT OF PUBLIC HOUSING. 

And the f***ing Democrats caved.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you don’t matter.  Even public housing residents, without even resorting to protest, riot and street theatre, can shut down their nation’s government.  Without even leaving the comfort of their own trailers, tents, or overcrowded rental housing.  Make that the spectre of project tenants.  Given the economic and geographic chasms between our fearless leaders and those living in our country’s shelter of last resort, what’s the likelihood that these politicians have met or have any degree of relationship with people who live in public housing?

The field Negro and Shaker William K. Wolfrum, respectively, have more on the allegiance of the Dems to black folk, and their constituents more generally.


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