Prepping for Re-entry

Weboy told me he likes my prison metaphor, so I’m sticking with it.

Finished up question 3 around 4pm (Thanks for the answer, Bill!).  And didn’t really get back to work until almost 2 hours ago, around 10pm tonight.  I can’t motivate; I feel like I’m saying the same thing repeatedly.  I have a worldview, I have an approach to problems.  I read and I read and I read, and I have found some amazing books and authors, but no matter how these questions are written, I feel like they keep leading me back to the same place.  I’d like to save us all the trouble of reading the 30+ pages of double-spaced text that will be e-mailed off tomorrow, and just refer my advisors to the three already completed questions.  Though they might secretly be thankful, I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed.

Anyway, so I treated myself a little bit tonight.  Hung out at the Dairy Burger for awhile, got into bed and watched an old Law & Order re-run (I LOVE the seasons from the early 90s…can you say “recessionitis?”  Mike Logan can.), and then I went to the gym.  My workout was mild, at best, but I watched Ugly Betty (or, more like it, looked at Henry from the neck down – there was a lot of muscles and ripped abs going on tonight), and got out of the house for an hour.  Much needed.

Best of all, I hit a couple of soft rock favorites on the dial that sounded positively exceptional as I cruised down Comm Av, behind the wheel for the first time since Sunday.  I was BLARING, BLARING the Bee Gee’s “How Deep is Your Love” and wailing along as I headed over the BU bridge, and fortunately I had to look for parking for a few minutes near school while I bopped and sang my way through Mary’s Boy Child.  Seriously, I have some ok taste in music (namely electronica, house, dance stuff) but the rest of my preferences map onto those of late-middle-aged black women, if the Classic R&B cd that I made for my friend Nikki’s wedding is any indication (I thought it was full of excellent dance hits, and she exclaimed that her mother was going to love it; the Jammin’ 105.1 boat cruise I went on in NY Harbor in the early 2000s is another fitting memory).  I love it, but sometimes other people tell me my iTunes suck.  What do they know.  All I’ve long known is I was born 20 years too late.

Looking forward to getting my life back tomorrow night.  M.A.S. is planning some sort of Welcome Back party, but he’s being very hush hush about it all, possibly because he was informed only this afternoon that streamers et al. were expected.

Thanks for all the support this week, but we’re not out of the woods yet!!

We are however, done with the metaphor portion of the program for the moment.



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