Weekend Reading

The M.A.S.’s brother is in town and held us captive in his Brookline B&B last night and forced us to drink bourbon by a roaring fire (gotta love those Eagle Scouts).  If an RP reader could bring me another Gatorade that’d be great.  I like Berry.

If you don’t have a DVR full of shows to keep you company this Friday afternoon, may I suggest the following links instead:

Boston’s Top 25 most stylish people.  Adam at Universal Hub effectively mocks the concept, as well as takes issue with the overrepresentation of Harvard. I wish I could say the average Beaver deserved a spot on this list, but I’d be lying.  However, this urban planner is pleased to see two planning and community development folk make the list…and you thought we were all frumpy in our bike helmets and NPR bags and zeal for zoning board meetings. 

Nope, today we leave the less sartorial wonkish fun to Ezra, who has a cool graph (mmmmm, colorful, pretty graphs) on how federal agricultural subsidies are responsible for our love o’ fast food.  Or something. (Me, I’d just like some more Gatorade right now.  Anyone??)  Sans illustrations, he also has a quick little thought piece on the difference between economic status and economic security in today’s “Tchotchke Economy.”  And finally, some evidence on why we should let Amtrak off the hook for that fact that they totally suck.

In other depressing news, The Urban Institute and National Council of La Raza have released a report on the “orphaning” of U.S. children via federal immigration raids.  One of their three case study sites is New Bedford.  I hope to get back to you all with some deeper thoughts on this report – after my head stops pounding, of course.

Meanwhile, I have been totally remiss in not acknowledging the latest piece of chicanery from those buffoons over at FEMA (or as the Field Negro calls them, F-ake-MA).  Gotta love their post-wildfires fake press conference, which has left all of us about as inspired as Bush’s bullsh*t in Jackson Square two years ago, I’m sure.  Fortunately, there’s enough room in our federal government for everyone to get a chance at a do-over.  Clearly Katrina taught us all some important life lessons.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.  I will be over at The Silence of our Friends, having an intense discussion on racism in feminist activism.  Oh, and study for my general exams, of course.


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