Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Red.

In lieu of the Halloween post I was planning about self-image, I’m linking to this campaign against violence against women of color (“Document the Silence”). From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The recent mass rally in Jena, La., protesting alleged racial injustice has led some pundits to ask whether it signaled the dawning of a modern civil rights movement.

Now that the Jena headlines have subsided,a group of Spelman graduates and others are asking different questions: …Isn’t it time for a modern civil rights movement to protest intra-racial violence just as vigorously as inter-racial violence? Particularly when it’s a crime against women.

The campaign organizers cite two particularly heinous violent crimes against women of color in W. VA and FL, respectively, in which women were raped, assaulted, verbally abused, and humiliated in ways I’ll let you read for yourself. 

“Race is easier to deal with because it’s a single issue,” [organizer Fallon] Wilson said. “It’s easier to build a movement around. But when you add in gender and sexuality, it gets harder.”

That complicated space where race and gender politics collide — is where a small, grassroots campaign such as “Be Bold” tries to edge in. The campaign has gained momentum through online blogs, but it will likely have nowhere near participation of the mass action in Jena.

Both [organizer Moya] Bailey and Wilson admit the campaign doesn’t have the deep resources of established groups. But if those groups don’t speak up, particularly in the case of West Palm Beach, “we have to,” Bailey said.

“We have to call it out and broaden the mission, because race cannot be the only thing we deal with,” Wilson said.

Well said.  They’ve got an audience and a pulpit here at the REDstar Perspective.


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