The Nation

[UPDATE, 4:11 pm: Just on the phone with customer service rep rolling over my IRA funds.  He noticed my Boston residency and we chatted about how fired up people up here are.  Turns out he’s originally from Quincy; I’m from Braintree, look at that.  Go Sox!!]

I’m already way behind in the on-line whoopin’ and hollerin’ over last night’s pennant win.  The Red Sox are going to the World Series!!!  In my house, this one’s for the M.A.S., a transplant to MA who arrived without a real team loyalty, ever since his childhood Orioles abandoned him after a manager whose name escapes me took over.  Already partial to the Sox by virtue of being a Yankees hater, and a true baseball fan the likes of which my family has not seen since my dad, the M.A.S. has found a kindred spirit in the beer-drinking, baseball-obsessed Red Sox Nation, not to mention an adopted extended family prepared to shower him with paraphrenalia (what 37 year old receives a mini Sox bat with his name on it for his birthday??) in the hopes it will strengthen our attachment to the city and stop us from moving away anytime soon. 

Needless to say, we were up as late as the rest of the region, drinking it in and waiting for the Papelbon post-game victory dance.  And though we agree that Butch Stearns is a clown, I have to admit I loved his “he’s a little whacko isn’t he?” comment about Papelbon.  There’s just so much Fox/MLB hatin’ to do, it’s hard to dish it all out in the midst of all the celebrating. One of my other favorite asides was probably a McCarver malaprop, when he said there were 2 nations watching last night’s game: Red Sox Nation, and Japan.  Given I’m a politics buff, I’m looking forward to hearing Joe and Tim expand on the geopolitical significance of the Sox advancing to the World Series.  

Certainly, the Nation metaphor (it is a metaphor, isn’t it, Josh?) is getting a little out of hand.  Check this comment out in BU’s student paper, The Daily Free Press, re: the police presence around Fenway last night (which may be construed as another affront in the escalating war b/w BU students and local police):

“We figured we’d step out for a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Lasell University sophomore Seth Mantei. “There’s no reason to be kicking people out of the celebration. It’s Red Sox Nation, and Fenway is the capital. . . . They wouldn’t close down D.C. during the presidential election.”

Yeah, that sounds about right…except for the part where this kid doesn’t expect to see this kind of performance from the Sox again in his lifetime.

Go Sox!!!


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