Black Thursday: Support the Jena 6

A protest rally expected to draw thousands is happening today in Jena, LA, in response to the racist (and excessive) criminal charges and wrongful conviction brought against six black teenagers accused of beating a white teen.  The beating occurred as one of several racially charged confrontations in the tense aftermath of nooses found hanging from an unofficial “whites only” tree on the high school campus after black students attempted to sit there.  People around the country are urged to wear black to show their solidarity with the demonstrators. 

I am a barely audible voice in the blogosphere that’s been instrumental in bringing this story to national attention.  And if I was at the rally I’d most likely be standing on the sidelines and furiously scribbling notes.  But I am in a black t shirt and sweatpants now, and will do my part tomorrow by not changing out of them. 

Even from this distance, it is amazing to see this kind of energy and activism.  Now if we can just expand the public eye’s peripheral vision south towards the Gulf Coast


2 Responses to “Black Thursday: Support the Jena 6”

  1. September 20, 2007 at 1:10 am

    Interesting post! I’m a relatively new blogger and just published a post on Jena 6 that I thought you might be interested in, check it out

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