Boston: The Bloggiest City in the Nation

Because we’re “wired, well-educated, and obsessed with politics.” Bostonist counters that it’s our Sox obsession crowding out those other chatterbox cities. 

In honor of these latest accolades, some news from around the Hub:

  • GOP pres. candidate and former Gov. Mitt Romney apparently owns stock in YES, the Yankees network in New York.  Though there’s no love lost between the former pol and Massholes over his depiction of our lovely state as an “old fling he had, that doesn’t really mean anything,” now, it’s official: he’s dead to us.


  • The opening of at least the 5th Dunkin’ Donuts in Brighton (I’ve got to be way too low on this estimate; anyone know the actual #?) dwarfs them all with its giant inflatable coffee cup that’d put any Anheiser-Busch-South-Boston-St. Patrick’s Day-parade inflatable Bud Light can to shame.  Brighton Centered nominates the new DD the “ugliest new business in Brighton.”   





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