Have I mentioned…

that in my next life I want to come back as a demographer?

(I’m going to need all 8 additional lives, because I’d like to also be an E/R doc, a travel agent, and at least 5 other things that escape me at the moment.)

In the interim, I’ll just have to covet William Frey‘s job at Brookings.  His latest:

The new minority-majority counties in the United States:

nonwhites now make up a majority in almost one-third of the most-populous counties in the country and in nearly one in 10 of all 3,100 counties.  The shift reflects the growing dispersal of immigrants and the suburbanization of blacks and Hispanics pursuing jobs generated by whites moving to the fringes of metropolitan areas.

Of course, Hurricane Katrina warrants her own mention in our changing national demographics of the 21st century:

Black populations declined in metropolitan New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and New York. The biggest numerical gains were in Atlanta (370,470), Houston (142,364), Dallas (130,367), Miami (126,819) and Washington (114,915).

The growth in Atlanta, Houston and Dallas was attributed in part to survivors of Hurricane Katrina moving to those cities. The highest growth rates among Asian populations were in metropolitan Napa, Calif., and Ocala, Naples, Cape Coral and Port St. Lucie, Fla. The greatest numerical increases were in New York (309,773), Los Angeles (216,987), Washington (105,390), San Francisco (103,073) and Chicago (93,237).

Metropolitan Phoenix; Atlanta; Dallas; Houston; Las Vegas; Austin, Tex.; Charlotte; Portland, Ore.; and Raleigh, N.C., each recorded gains in non-Hispanic whites of more than 100,000 since 2000. The largest losses were registered by metropolitan New York (248,422), Los Angeles (193,109), San Francisco (127,151) and New Orleans (111,162).

(my emphases)

In our fair, chilly region here, the metro area defined as “Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA/NH” (eh??) remains a majority white area, at 79% of the overall population.  Of course, once that is broken down into Boston as a central city vs. the suburbs, the picture is different.  Boston is roughly 50% non-hispanic white (as of the 2000 census, we were a minority-majority city, but it seems no longer), and the outerlying ‘burbs are 83% white.

I guess it’ll be some time before we pick up the coveted “Melting Pot” status, despite our African-American governor, gay marriage laws, and fact that immigration accounts for the majority of Boston et al.’s population growth (125K in the last five years, compared to 218K in residential out migration).   At least Mass. cracked the Top 10 in foreign-born residents.

Classification is fun!!


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