No More Traffic!

Since it will be some time before my own presidential campaign is launched, perhaps you’ll want to take this helpful quiz to identify your candidate in 2008. 

I had my results posted and in editing this lost them.  If I remember correctly I was:

1) 100% for “Theoretical Ideal Candidate”

2) Mid-80s % for Kucinich and Obama (in that order),

3) and 76% and 77% for Edwards and Clinton, respectively. 

4) Bloomberg: 69%; Richardson: 63-ish%;

5) Guiliani: 29%. 

6) All the other GOP clowns were near or below Guiliani, with a high of 35% for Huckabee, I think, and 5% for Gingrich.

 Information link  to compare the candidates platforms.  (Interestingly, while it asks about age and marital status, it does not ask you if you have a race/ethnicity or gender preference for candidates.  Lame.)


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