Steamy McOrleans

88 degrees and 61% humidity.  My sources tell me it’s worse in Boston. 

Sitting on the king bed in my room at the historic hotel Le Pavillion.  I’ve long been told by New Orleanians that this is THE place to stay in the city (and if you click on the hotel’s link above, you’ll be greeted by some equally insistent classical music), and finally a deal on Travelocity afforded me the chance. 

On the wall is a framed photo of the Doullut Steamboat House in the Lower 9th Ward, a place the M.A.S. and I discovered in our troubling follow-up visit there last summer. 

 Photo of Steamboat House  Steamboat House, L9W

Right now on the local news Gov. Blanco, Lt. Gov. Landrieu and tourism officials are heralding the passage of some sort of tourism bill.  Ironically, while they voiceover that business is only 65% of what it was before Katrina for many establishments down here, the reporter visits a hat store on Royal Street in the Quarter where the proprietor tells him “We’re fine” and marvels that folks continue to call from around the country to make sure they are not “still under water.”  (They never were.)  Her remarks point more to Wesley’s frequent comments here at the RP about how little the reality of life on the Gulf is disseminated nationally than the need for more visitors to the relatively bustling French Quarter.  But, what do I know, I’ll never have a pre-storm comparison to the tourism I see in the Quarter now. 

After rummaging through the mini-bar for some extremely fantastic dark chocolate almonds, I’m off to do some yoga and walk over to one of my local standbys, Herbsaint.  I’m here til Friday.  Pictures of the lobby chandeliers from this 100 year old hotel – “the belle of New Orleans” – and other anecdotes from my latest trip down here sure to follow.



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