Oh, I got sh*t to say…just not here

Though it appears I’m suffering from some serious writer’s block this month (does Pfizer have a pill for a blogger’s performance anxiety???), I am chiming in on my usual sites around the net.  I’ve been endlessly haranging Wesley about immigration, and he’s been so responsive and deliberative that wonkish-types from that other Cambridge university are trying to recruit him to their inner circle (stay strong, Weboy!).  Will it be long before his banner reads:

Media, Politics, Fashion, Movies, Music and Immigration. In roughly that order.

Meanwhile, over at Pandagon, I’ve been – rather sloppily - weighing in on specific cases of our immigration fiasco (mainly, that the wife of missing-in-Iraq soldier Alex Jimenez – from Lawrence, MA – is possibly under threat of deportation at the moment).  Another commenter, however, brought up this story of a man beaten to death last night when the car he was riding in hit a little girl (she was not injured).  It’s an ugly world we live in when our country reminds me of Tanzania, and not in a good way. 

In Dar es Salaam, where I lived, theft was common – during my last week there, a young boy stole my cell phone out of my hand through the open window of the car I was riding in while we sat in traffic.  It happened so fast it took a moment before I bellowed, “MY SIMU!” (simu is swahili for phone).  And he was gone.  My E. African friend Sala got out of the car and tried to question all the Tanzanians standing on a nearby porch who witnessed the theft, but it seems no one saw anything.  Given I was leaving and it wasn’t my phone to begin with but an extra of my American friend Kristina, the incident turned out to be more email fodder than anything else.  But K had warned me when I joined her in TZ several months prior, never to yell thief (“Mwezi”) if robbed, as mobs were known to chase culprits down and beat them severely/to death.  Here, it brings new(er), horrible meaning to Don’t Mess with Texas. 

Sigh.  As part of my blog-soul-searching these days, I’m circling the world wide web looking for new blog communities and some inspiration for my next big re-org of the RP.   I’m tired of feeling like I’m writing in relative isolation, though it’s no easy task sifting through 30 million blogs for even a few you’d like to visit, comment on, and link to regularly.  Wah.

Here’s hoping that in the interim, I get another shout-out on Universal Hub for repeating the M.A.S.‘s comment that Boston public access television is like some version of state-run tv, given his theory that 24 hours a day one can find Mayor Tom “Mumbles” Menino in front of the camera (the latter link has some amusing audio).  Watching Menino go so far as to speak at the blessing of the Pine Street Inn/Partners Healthcare’s new outreach van finally prompted the comment.  (What can I tell you, we’re urban planning nerds; we were enthralled). 


2 Responses to “Oh, I got sh*t to say…just not here”

  1. June 21, 2007 at 10:41 am

    I used to have that problem. 🙂 Now I have Erridia. 🙂

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