Not in My Backyard

Technically, anyway, since I no longer live in Braintree…

…but at the old Monatiquot Village apts (now Braintree Village) down the road from where I grew up…a young mom was killed today – police are searching for the murder suspect – who neighbors believe is the boyfriend…apparently they were always fighting.  The one woman they interviewed on the local news was like, so resigned, yeah, they were always fighting. 

The heartbreaking image: the woman – Michelle Durham - never came to pick up her daughter from school, and so the police were sent on a “well-being” check to the apartment, where they found her dead. 

BOO again.  How many of you have experienced that anxious worry about being left behind?  When our moms (parents? nannies?) are late to get us – on their end, stuck in traffic, worrying as much as we are.  This poor little girl.

Monatiquot sat down a hill behind my junior high, separated by woods.  There was a well-trod path between them, with somewhat of a clearing halfway through, and fights would be scheduled there.  “Sully and Foley are fightin’ down the path!”  On-looker stampede.

Monatiquot has affordable apartments; it was in the rounds of possible rentals when my mom and I first came back to Boston.  My aunt and cousins lived there for awhile when we were toddlers.  My aunt found my cousin Kenny one day on the wrong side of the balcony railing.  He’s always been a curious one.

My mom and I ended up at Skyline, another apartment complex in Braintree (though my mom purchased a basement condo), where we could turn off the tv/noise in our apartment and listen to the mom and son fight next door. 

I’m always looking for the local shout-out, but it’s always a stunner – and usually not in a good way – when Braintree makes the news.  My heart goes out to this little girl and her family, and all the women caught in violent relationships. 


(A sort of tangential note…my advisor and I were talking about our experiences with public housing residents (he was a manager in NYC’s housing authority; I was talking about my cousins), many of whom are single moms with kids.  He told me the biggest disruption in his residents’ lives was domestic violence.  I said what I witnessed was addiction.  And he sighed in recognition, and agreement.)


2 Responses to “Not in My Backyard”

  1. 1 Mr. Doogue
    May 19, 2007 at 7:42 am

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. I think that you meant that “Sully and Toy” or maybe “Sully and Sherlock” were fighting down at the path. That’s what the fat kid in me recalls.

    But Foley? No recollection of that guy.

    To be fair, this is a very sad story. I only jest to help you relive the past through the eyes of a kid who bypassed the path on the walk home each and every day. There was the alternate, wimpy path for guys like me.

  2. May 19, 2007 at 1:10 pm

    I’m caught! I made up Foley! Love that you’ve reminded me of the real characters in these memories! As you can probably guess, I didn’t spend too much time down the path either…

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