The Redstar Perspective History Month Farewell

With three days left in April, and my departing flight to Ft. Lauderdale scheduled for 4:30 pm today, I’m not sure when I’ll be blogging again in the coming days.  This rainy Friday afternoon in Cambridge seems like an appropriate time to wish you all many thanks for joining us here for the festivities this month. 

For the newbies, April was The Redstar Perspective History Month, celebrating the first anniversary of this blog, for which no official date-of-first-post was ever recorded (how un-Virgo of me!).  Over the month, we hosted interviews and profiles; debates; a lecture series; memorable quotes; coverage of the atrocities at Virginia Tech; rants and reflections; and of course, public service announcements and endorsements to enrich your lives. 

During the month, I had my first peer-reviewed academic journal article accepted for publication by Economic Development Quarterly, applied for several more rounds of funding to shore up my summer research plans, renewed my blog domain and host, visited NYC and my girlfriends for the weekend and felt the tug to return for the first time in a long time, rounded the 11-month mark with the M.A.S. (anniversary: May 19th!), and, of course, paid some taxes.  With the exception of the latter event, it’s been a forward-looking month for Redstar, even as we celebrated this anniversary here. 

It’s onward and upward for this diva-scholar, and I hope you’ll continue to come along for the ride.  You’ve still so much to learn, don’t you think?


Happy Anniversary, Redstar!

And a wonderful weekend to all my Redstarettes out there!!



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