RP History Month Endorsements I


My hometown of Braintree is moving from a town to city governance structure, namely by electing a Mayor and 9-member Town Council for 2008.  This replaces a Town Meeting and Board of Selectmen system that has kept “the three Joes” comfortably lording over a municipality of 34,000 for well, centuries, it seems (back since it was the two Adamses, I imagine).  It remains to be seen if this new form of governance will help Braintree to respond to recent budgetary hits it’s taking from the state legislature.  For the first time I almost regret not moving back to Braintree, given now I can’t campaign to run the Housing Authority.  I suppose I’ll just have to set my sights higher. 

The Globe’s piece on this governance transition omits at least one of the unofficial of “Braintree’s best-known politicians,” i.e., my aunt, who unfortunately must remain nameless until she makes her campaign announcement.  But you all know her.  She ran the PTA, and the town soccer league, knows all the police officers, has your kids in her kindergarten, golfs with your former teachers and current neighbors, chats with you at the grocery store, exchanges hellos with you after mass, runs into you at the beach down the Cape, had three kids and a couple nieces and nephews in the local school system, and is sometimes seen with a cosmo in hand with her girlfriends in town.  (Although you didn’t hear that last part from me.)

The RP makes this endorsement for multiple reasons:

– pure nepotism and bias;

– an attempt to recapture the feeling of celebrity from when my aunt was a big shot in my elementary school PTA (and where, in fourth grade, my friend Mike and I were members of the student government that brought chocolate milk to the cafeteria menu);

– because my birthday is the day the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote was ratified;

– and of course, because increasing the proportion of women in politics begins at the local level.

As gender and politics expert, and political science professor, Georgia Duerst-Lahti explains in a recent interview,

“Democracy without women simply isn’t democracy.”


Word to the mother, G.



2 Responses to “RP History Month Endorsements I”

  1. April 7, 2007 at 10:08 am

    I don’t understand… how can you not run for Housing Authority? (PS “Authority” – what a perfect title for you 🙂 ) Can’t you calim to live with one of those 33 cousins, or some other relative? And why should residency stop you? Look at Mitt Romney! Look at Hillary Clinton! Run, baby – that’s what I say. 😉

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