Redstar, YouTube, the media, capitalism, and of course, public housing

Chronic sleeplessness of the last few days rendered today about as productive as last Tuesday.  But all was not lost.  Though my globalization reading remains undiscovered in my bag, I made progress on making more of this blog than I ever did my Treo, and I bought – and rejected – some test paints for my living room.  (What size homes does Benjamin Moore think we own, by the way, that they recommend a test area of 4 square feet??) 

And signing on to YouTube isn’t the only small step I’ve taken into the twenty-first century. I’m also, for the first time, sitting in front of American Idol.  (I’m seriously so out of touch about some pop culture references that I almost used the Gong Show instead of Idol here.)  It’s actually serendipitous, as one of my fave idols, Diana Ross (memoralized in print over my kitchen table), is tonight’s mentor.  But honestly, are Simon and Randy always so rude?  Must we have so much violence – emotional and otherwise – in the world?

Blame the tube for such a saccharine transition into the real reason for this post.  I finally bit into YouTube today to share with you the following three short documentary videos on the public housing battle in New Orleans.

Courtesy of The Advancement Project and YouTube, may I present The Fight for Housing in New Orleans,

<a href=”http://www.grahamad.com/blog/

<a href=”

“>Part 1

<a href=”

“>Part 2

<a href=”

“>Part 3. 

And while it only points to the serious internet addiction I suffer, something we should probably discuss, as I may require an intervention (yes, this is my cry for help), today was also a day to really spend some time digging around in the news. 

First, it seems public housing residents aren’t the only folk rallying around their cause.  These Northrup Grumman unionized employees on the Mississippi Gulf Coast have walked off the job, seeking a living wage that covers the real expenses of their post-Katrina world.  At $18/hour forklift drivers, pipe welders and painters can’t make ends meet.  It’s a whole new world, where milk costs $4.19/gallon.  As NG gives them the Heismann, the workers are settlin’ in: “If we can survive Katrina, we can survive this,â€? one remarked.

Well, David Brooks at least thinks they’ll get their day.  Turns out neoliberalism (along with God and the Roxy), is dead.  According to Brooks ($), neoliberals, a boisterous, energized set, were “suspicious of brain-dead unions,” reformers of welfare, and cheerleaders of capitalism.  But the blogging proletariat has had enough, coming of age and finding their voice since “the late ’90s, when spectacles like “Ken Starr, the Florida ballot fight, the Bush tax cuts, the K Street Project and the war in Iraq” took down not only rollerrinks-cum-Chelsea-boy-dance-clubs, but our generation’s global capitalist project as well.  And we’re single handedly taking them down!!…

…Really, Brooks is writing this to shield himself from the pink slips he anticipates will come raining down in the neoliberal media, as he likely suspects recent changes to The New Republic will have a ripple effect.  Who can blame him, we’re all just trying to keep a roof over our heads here, maybe even spruce it up a bit with some corals or soft, warm greens.

(Meanwhile, Wesley thinks these guys should be next in line for a media makeover.)


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