Freedom Fighters: 1; HUD/HANO: 0

This just in from Bill Quigley, one of the lawyers representing the public housing residents against HUD and the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) over the proposed demolition of 50% of the city’s public housing:


Judge Lemelle just issued a 24 page decision in the class action by residents against HUD and HANO.  The judge refused to dismiss the case as HUD and HANO asked.   The judge said the residents deserve a trial on Due Process Constitutional claims against HANO and HUD, Fair Housing Claims against HANO and HUD, and Lease violations by HANO.

The judge said our claims for actual demolition by HUD and HANO are premature because HUD has not yet approved demolition.  We hope now that they have heard the judge, HUD will not approve the demolition!  If they do, we can clearly put that back in the case at that point.

Finally, the judge said he wants a trial on:

1)  Number of units that are habitable
2) extent of repairs needed to make apts habitable
3) Number of residents who wish and are able to return
4) Inadequacies of current voucher program
Great victory for the residents!  The struggle continues!  Great work team!  We are moving forward!


Chalk one up for the do-gooders!

Here is an article from the Times-Picayune on the whole debacle.


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