Sometimes I think I want to be in politics (why so demure suddenly, Red? don’t you mean President, specifically?), and then there are nights when the news makes my blood boil, and I’m only lying on my couch in my pjs in my one-paper universe here. 

First of all, Democrats are f***ing wimps.  The midterm air of Take Back the Night didn’t last too long now, did it? 

Secondly, I hate inefficient, data-murky shenanigans like this, where our government is apparently more bloated, sluggish and corrupt than even it can manage.   It’s not long before the lean, mean governing machine China will be pulling the fed out of it’s upstairs bedroom with a crane. 

In contrast, it seems in every other industry a shortage of workers is creating crises of humanity, for us and our four-legged friends.  (I feel like being a vet was a pretty common childhood goal when I was growing up. I didn’t want to be a vet then, and I still don’t after reading that article.  For some reason I find the notion of mucking around in animal insides horrifying on the order of Fear Factor disgusting.  Or about as bad as being trapped in a plane for 8 hours with dog shit, panicking passengers – probably including me – and limited air, food and water.  Your own personal Superdome.)

Third (I hate the word “thirdly”…does it actually exist?), the spirit and tone of this Administration just infuriates me, almost as much as the Democrats being unable to evidence even one vertebrae of the uncooperative spine of Bush et al. (or should that be Cheney & Co.?).  Yet, taken together, the lot of them is useless.  And it seems I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Now I’m all fired up, and it’s just about time for bed.  This is not the strategy recommended for poor sleepers like myself.

This is why the effervescent Katie Couric has added The American Spirit series to the line-up of the CBS Evening News.  It’s clear we have to take matters in to our own hands.



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  1. February 6, 2007 at 10:39 pm

    I have a related post that I just put up…

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