How about Frozen Waffles and Toast?

Apparently my utter lack of interest in cooking and therefore refusal to spend $$ on kitchen gadgets means I’ve dramatically preceded a culinary trend.  I grew up with my mom cooking steaks in the broiler; they cooked quickly after her long day at work, and we ate in a snuggly, warm kitchen (she was – and now I am – forever chilly).  I indulged in roommates’ toaster ovens in college, but other than that, I’ve been using the broiler forever. 

This author asks “What can you cook?”  And I confirm his answer: “…anything,” including frozen waffles or toast in the morning.  No more wasted counter space (though I could still stand to downsize my industrial sized microwave)!  Divine.

I’m comforted he acknowledges how difficult they are to clean (esp. when you never bother.  I think I just recently pulled out a piece of bread stuck beneath the broiler pan since I turned 30 18 months ago, but you know what, it could just as likely still be there).  The one drawback he fails to mention, bending down to reach the damn thing.  Ever since my back break in 2000, when I was ramrod straight in a brace for 6 months and pretty limited in my range of motion, I’ve learned to put everything above me whenever possible.  Reaching the broiler is it’s one flaw, but in my sparse and neglected little kitchen, it’s easily overlooked.

Happy cooking!  Set a place for me.


1 Response to “How about Frozen Waffles and Toast?”

  1. February 1, 2007 at 3:12 pm

    I always remember the story of our former boss, who got a call from Con Ed asking her if they could come check for a gas leak in her apartment? She, horrified, asked why they thought there was a gas leak. They said that her gas usage was so low (i.e., her stove) that they figured there must be a problem. She said, oh no, I just don’t use it. Ever. So they came over and turned it off.

    You should come over one night for dinner. I’ll cook – something that doesn’t need the broiler… 🙂

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