Home Sweet Home

Seems my anxiety is misplaced. Turns out Boston is the city for total unraveling. Where to begin….that this is the worst ad campaign ever? That we’re easily aroused lunatics who scare easily?  That apparently these “packages” were lying around for weeks before this afternoon’s antics?  That these so-called bombs look like Lite-Brite creations?

Fortunately, we found an immediate scapegoat while we look for one with deeper pockets. Personally, I think having your fatuous CV shamelessly mocked by the Boston media is kind of a drag.  But most Massholes should feel better when we beat this guy to death on Opening Day (April 10).  Nothing like a little blood shed to kick off the season right.


1 Response to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. 1 Leigh
    February 1, 2007 at 12:56 am

    I have to paste this excerpt from the latest coverage here; my sistas’ make me so proud:

    “April James, 32, said she saw one of the devices in a sandy area under the Longfellow Bridge about three weeks ago.

    ‘It looked like a bomb. I picked it up, pulled the tape off it, and there were batteries, two on the top and three on the bottom.'”

    Then…she put it back where she found it.

    Well, officer, I heard a noise in my basement that sounded like that serial killer on the loose, you know, the one who hums? I went to see if it was him…yes, I was wearing this little lace nightie at the time…

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