Yes He Can!!

Just watch him.


The Senate claims Bush can’t ignore their opposition to Iraq, but I think he’s proven he’s quite capable of brushing aside alternative points of view.  (They’re evil, after all.)  Lots of juicy intellectual debate in this piece, as experts are recruited to the partisan fray to make the case for or against the decider’s power.  The Senate has a lot to teach this CIC about resolving disagreement; I hear 2007 is the year they pass legislation on making the Tug-o-War the determining factor between the 51-49 chamber’s squabbles. 

Meanwhile (and coming to you live!), New Orleanians wish they had a leader as obstinate and determined as Dubya.  Nagin apparently can’t find the strength to go after almost $600M in federal funds the State is dangling in front of him.  Too much red tape, he whines.  No doubt, Ray, no doubt, but that’s why they pay you the big bucks.  A friend of mine I ran into last night told me the C. in “C. Ray Nagin” clearly stands for “Crack,” because this Mayor is smokin’ a whole lot of it.  (The group of New Orleanians I was with also couldn’t stop talking about the Mayor telling the visiting senators yesterday that the City didn’t need anymore $$.  I wonder what he thinks it needs…political leadership?  housing?  updated levees?  good schools?  adequate policing?  a healthy economy?) 

Although, perhaps we shouldn’t be bickering over $600M, when the City’s recovery’s true price tag is $14B (by the way, I ran into the “managers” of the UNOP process last night, some of whom were pretty smashed.  No doubt easing the anxiety over this announcement today).  I’ve heard conflicting views of the new recovery Czar Ed Blakely (not to be confused with actor-turned-extreme-environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr.) within the ivory planning tower, but it does seem that this is a political appointment without any operational, decision-making power.   All the glory, none of the accountability.  Who wouldn’t dig that, especially with the salaries Nagin’s handing out these days? 

Just throwing a little sardonic cheeriness your way from the Mojo Coffee House in New Orleans, whose warm and caffeinated interior is a welcome reprieve from the city’s chilly, drizzly and very uncertain exterior.  (I kid you not, there’s a grown Raggedy Ann standing across from me at the counter right now.)  I send my love from the city where OZ, the local radio station, gives us Massholes some love right back, with a shout-out for our promising new governor, and not because of his professional achievements and promise, but because of his famous lineage:


That’s right, meet Deval’s Dad, Sun Ra.


And ladies, don’t forget to give those hard-workin’ men in your own life some love tonight too. 


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