Check out my Photos

but feel free not to join my LinkedIn account…

Seems I was relatively prolific despite being on a pseudo-honeymoon for the last 2.5 weeks.  Take note of the new sub-category in my “Travel” section – “Chile & Brazil.”  Knew I was feeding my blogging addiction while I was away, but didn’t quite tally up that it amounted to almost every other day!  We’ll have to see if I can cut the cord should the M.A.S. make it to an actual post-nuptials vacation!  (Settle down all you romantics out there; we’re goin’ strong as ever, but such an event will be no time soon, if for no other reason than we’ll be paying off this trip for some time to come!  Sadly, the end-of-the-year graduate student performance bonus just doesn’t make the same dent it used to…)

So the photos have gone live, check them out on Shutterfly:


You don’t need to sign-up to view them, which is a new(er), and the best, feature of the Shutterfly site (cuz it sure ain’t their upload and organizing functions).  I tried to join the Flickr fabuloso’s, but trying to fit in over there while also trying to learn how to better exploit the features of this blog proved too much, and I just gave up on both.  Better to just hunker down with all the mom’s on Shutterfly and save the hipster free photo-sharing technologies for another time. 

Speaking of mom’s, for those of you following along here, consider the ~100 photos posted as ~6 months of the baby shots I faithfully look through (and enjoy!) each month.  As for the rest of you, I don’t have much to guilt you with, and hope you’re just into snapshots of urban vistas and cheery, slightly sauced Americans cavorting in warm climes while you’re cursing the rapidly falling mercury. 

The trip, once again, was rad.  Accompanying posts to follow. 


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