Miss Me?

I know you did, thanks kids, it’s good to be back.

Ham HocksI am lying on my couch, with giant 20-hour-flight-ham-hock-swollen-feet as if I’m a 58 yr old overweight, diabetic cashier in America’s heartland and not a neurotic Northeasterner obsessive-about-foodie who can’t get over the fact that she has swollen feet from traveling for the last 48 hours straight.  And is in desperate need of a shower.  But is immediately, happily, sweetly, and gratefully seduced by coming home to a warm home with the Golden Globes and touching America Ferrera win on the tv tonight (I loved her in Real Women Have Curves, and Weboy has been urging us all to watch this show for months.  The award speeches indicates it’s got some real immigrant&Hispanic spirit underpinning it.  Perhaps I should be tuning in.).  I’ll soon be giving over my attention to last week’s Grey’s on abc.com, but not before watching to see if my Grey’s picks up any Globes.

I know, I know, I should be talking about my trip!!! Where to begin…Weboy, that fabulous, timely, fashionable guest blogger got a run down tonight after picking up the M.A.S. at the airport and sharing dinner with us at the West Side Lounge outside Porter Square.  My brain is so fried after four flights, including 2 overnights, since Saturday afternoon, and I want to get my pics up on line.  There’s Santiago and Chile’s Central Valley; Recife, Brazil; the culture and development of each country; the urban experience of the 2 cities; the travel with the boyfriend for 2.5 weeks – our first major trip away; the latest Richard Ford I read; my own future plans and ruminations inspired by the trip – where I want to travel for “work” v. pleasure; what I expect in a vacation; general complaints about being away from the States and reliinquishing control over one’s diet, movement, etc.; the sheer pleasure of watching 2 hours of Law & Order from 6-8 every night in Brazil after navigating its foreign, uncertain experiences, or tuning in late night to odd US flicks in Chile before bed after nights on the town; drinking and making native drinks – Pisco Sours (Chile) and Capirinhas and Cachaca (Brazil) – with new friends; learning some basics in Portuguese and then struggling to flip back to Spanish when passing back through Chile en route to the U.S.; spending all one’s American $$ in the Miami airport during a long delay en route home because the thrill of being back on home soil is so heady (yes, I’ll take the People and the US Weekly, thank you Hudson News employee; or, if you’re my better half, the NY Times and National Geographic), etc. etc. etc. 

Assuming there’s no pulmonary embolism coursing through my veins and I’m feeling less like a weeble tomorrow, and I’ve gotten some sleep and recovered from the travel and award-ceremony-pandering going on in my living room right now, then I promise, I’ll be back up and running with some thoughts on urban travel in this New Year, dos mil e seite.  (I think that’s 2007 in portuguese, but who the hell knows…)


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