You Know That I Don’t Care… I Need A Man

weboy here to say… Oh dear.

Just the other day I was reading an informative, rather scary, profile of Rahm Emanuel in the new GQ (get it, read it… and be afraid, very afraid), and I said to myself “that Ryan Lizza… what a good writer.”

Well, I still say what a good writer… but What Was He Thinking? A new category of “butch men” to describe recently elected folks like Jon Tester, Heath Shuler, and Jim Webb? Why, Ryan, why?  Is this helpful?  I think not.  Does it help to perpetuate this “butch vs. femme” dialectic in describing the GOP as “Daddy” and Democrats as “Mommy”?

No, of course it doesn’t.

If there’s something to distinguish Democrats from… the other guys, it’s that we’re not… just guys.  We’re women and blacks and gays and Hispanics and minorities of all sorts (and even prominent mixed race folks like Barack who blur almost any conception of how to label things).  We’re tough and we’re soft and we can wage a war, and win the peace, and get people housed and help them take care of their kids.  And, somehow it’s all in us.  The tough and the soft, the masculine and the feminine.  It’s all good.   Let’s not buy into this nonsense, shall we?

Do better, Ryan.  We trust you.


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