The Other Northeast

Meanwhile, in the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife (He-cee-fe), Redstar stands at a hotel PC in her bikini and big red hat, slightly sauced from 2 caproeinas (sp??), some sun, and the stulfying supportive cheeriness of a Redbook magazine snagged from her Miami-Santiago flight a week ago.  You have to hand it to the MAS – they certainly know how to travel together.  I think this is what all these women´s mags mean when they chatter on about the notion of team and partners.  Thus far, we´ve survived perusing Chile sans tourist cards – having incorrectly filled them out on the aforementioned flight; finding no room at the Cachagua inn that this whole trip was planned around to begin with; almost being mugged in Valparaiso in what turns out to be such a typical con job that my Lonely Planet Brazil lectures me on it several days later; unannounced flight changes and stops on the rather-developing-country-bus-like Tam Airlines; and of course, my lost luggage.  Welcome to South America!

Stay tuned for a possible post in memoriam of my clothes lost somewhere b/w Santiago, Asuncion, Paraguay; and Sao Paolo.  And you really haven´t traveled thru the airport until the head of the Policia International (one hot chick in a fab white pants suit with a gigante badge around her neck) has to give you diplomatic status to whip through immigration because your flight is 90 minutes EARLIER than you thought.  And after yesterday´s tour of South American airports and experiencing the special brand of chaotic languishing for which Americans are especially unsuited, I stand corrected on thinking Miami needs to make any improvements to their airport.  They are right in line with their Southerly sisters, and probably saving a hell of a lot of dinero to boot.



2 Responses to “The Other Northeast”

  1. January 7, 2007 at 7:16 pm

    In a continuation of the black cloud hanging over this trip, the camera broke this afternoon, fortunately after the M.A.S. photo~ed me swaying to Kenny G. in the shallow end of the pool. Wish us luck. This trip is getting more and more trying with each passing minute. (Although dancing with the stars, never before seen by this author, proved to be a momentary reprieve!)

  2. January 8, 2007 at 9:36 am

    Can’t wait for the photos! Sorry about the clothes!

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