Happy New Year

weboy here…

So I spent New Year’s in Manhattan, in my closest proximity to the Times Square scene in a good 5 years… mostly because my Mom and I went out to see Pan’s Labyrinth (review over at NYCWeBoy), and wound up at the movie theater on 42nd Street.  Ooops.

In case you don’t know, real New Yorkers do not go to Times Square.  It’s crowded, it’s embarrassing, and really, that mob scene you see on television is just that, a mob scene.  Drunk, cold, wet, with no real way to go the bathroom? No thanks. 🙂

So let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first: it’s impossible to find a taxi after Midnight on New Year’s, and the scene (especially on Park Avenue and 14th, where we looked) was ugly.  The deejay at the party I usually go to wasn’t a good this year, and the train ride home – since I stay with my Mom in Westchester County – was, as it has been, a vivid display of drunken revelry that I try to block out with my iPod.

And Girls, one Fashion Note (We can’t say it enough): If you get out those heels to go with your party dress, be prepared for what the evening entails; unless Giorgio, your driver will be waiting at the door to carry you to the car, there will be walking, possibly a lot of walking.  No taking them off, no looking like an invalid.  We must suffer to be beautiful.

So what were the evening’s bright spots?  Time spent with friends, old and new; dancing, as always, to an unexpected gem – this year’s was “Absolutely Not” by Deborah Cox; and those occasional moments of “only in New York” magic. Which in this case means the pre-midnight dinner party I went to which was chock-full of theater people, and where I learned Charlotte D’Amboise (currently Cassie in the Chorus Line revival) is a doll, and so is Donny Osmond (just wrapped up a run in Beauty and the Beast as Lumiere).  Donny Junior (one of his sons) is also apparently a bit of a heartbreaker.

Happy New Year to RedStar, the loyal gang, the ‘deis Crowd, the Stern folks, The MIT mob… Kate, Amy and the blog pals, K, Yakka, and especially the MAS. May all of our 2007 stories be an interesting adventure. 


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