My Big Red Hat

Greetings from Santiago!  The wedding was yesterday – beautiful.  In this Catholic chapel on a univ campus in the suburbs of downtown Santiago, but actual chapel looked like an old CA mission.  The vegetation/flowers, etc. set up were amazing, the staff was abundant and the food was good, if WAY too fancy for me.  Fran’s Chilean friends and family are very stylish and smart - the M.A.S. called them the cognescetti.  :)  Many architects and urbanists, so we have no shortage of conversation, which is good.  The only drawback to the wedding was that the reception was outside from noon to 6, and SO hot.  Really really hot. The M.A.S. looked very glamorous.  We are having a nice time.

The only drawback is the weather here. It is SO dry.  My throat is always so dry, and my hair is gross, copious amounts of conditioner do not do it.  It’s all about the ponytail this week.

We are headed to the beach house this afternoon, today we will explore Santiago a bit uintil we head out later in the day.  I am wearing a big red hat that I love but the M.A.S. thinks makes me look eccentric, like one of the elderly ladies who wears purple.  But what does he know! 

Happy New Year!


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