Your Far-Flung Correspondent

Per usual, trying to figure out how to use the foreign language keyboard.  Hoping this time her boyfriend hasn’t fallen asleep and thus locked her out of her room. 

Ola!  Buenes Noches!  From Santiago, Chile! I see you’ve all met my guest blogger – NYC Weboy.  As he dropped me off at Logan (not too many can pride themselves on providing a turquoise company car!), I thanked him for assuming my identity while I was gone.  I have no doubt he’ll keep the place clean and the martinis flowing, the latter purely in my honor.

I need sleep, and no more cervesas and pisco sours, and I will shortly pursue that.  But first I had to say hello.  Chile is cool so far; anything can outshine the Miami Airport, that’s for sure – what a dump.  Place shuts down at 8:30 pm – no food, no People magazines, etc. – despite numerous flights taking off – and being delayed – well after midnight.  Also, it’s a gateway to the U.S. from Latin America, and the primary food is Pizza Hut and/or Uno’s – 50g of fat per individual pizza serving, no doubt.  Welcome to America.

We took off after midnight.  I slept a heavily medicated sleep on board, and we survived through arduous customs/immigration lines only to learn at check-in to the hotel that we’re missing a document, and there will be “paperwork” waiting for us when we return to the Santiago airport (SCL) on Sat.  We rented a car, it was delivered to us on empty; we speak no Spanish so got no directions to the hotel, but the M.A.S. was a fabulous navigator using multiple maps out of the travel book, and I drove my usual Masshole style and we arrived in style, if a bit sweaty.  It is SUMMER here.

We lunched, slept, have a terrific junior suite deal at the very cute hotel orly in providencia, santiago – it’s Brookline or Cambridge or something – and had a terrific dinner with the American hipster crew who has arrived for our friend Fran’s wedding.  It’s all Brooklyn fashionista here, all the time.   I am doing my best to maintain my UES style, which is not all Ralph Lauren all the time, but some upscale mall version of that.  Hopefully Wesley can dissect.

The wedding is tomorrow; I forgot the lovely earrings the M.A.S. gave me – in an effort to not bring any valued jewelry abroad, so we had fun shopping at South American downtown malls tonight buying me a new, tackier, bejeweled pair.  And a big red hat for when we head up to the beach on NYE.  I will be in touch again, but I don’t know when.  It’s cool here.  It’s urban, a cuidad (anyone who’s ever ridden the NYC subway knows that word).  I assumed I knew Spanish, living in NYC for all that time, but I don’t speak a word of it.  Joke’s on me.

Miss you, and be nice to Weboy.  He’s sharp and smart and on to you, and John Edwards too.  That’s a big photo op to live up to, such an announcement from the L9W.



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